Good Carnivorous Plants for the Midwest

CarnivorousCycloneApril 6, 2011

Hello everyone, I've been trying to grow carnivorous plants on my own now for about 2 or 3 seasons off and on. My biggest issue is that most of the plant types I find are for much warmer climates year round then here in Iowa and Minnesota. Just wondering if anyone has any suggestions on a hardy plant for a somewhat beginner in these kind of conditions. Thanks everyone

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You can grow many CP's indoors, all year round. The 2 easiest plants are D. capensis and D. binata.

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As far as hardy, Sarracenia purpurea.

I will also add for indoors, Mexican butterworts, D. Adelae sundews

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lycopus(z5 NY)

Drosera rotundifolia can also be grown outdoors in your region.

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I think I'm starting to see a pattern... thank you everyone. I'll probably be putting in an order for some of your suggestions soon.

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