Multiple plants in 1pot? Good or bad

Chompz(7)April 5, 2014

This is going to be my second year of caring for these amazing plants but I want to try something different and plant a sundew and 2 fly traps in one pot. Is this a smart decision or are they going to off set each other for insects? Thanks for the info in advance. Glad to be part of the forum!

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You growing these inside or outside?

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In my case I have pots of Venus flytraps crowded with Drosera burmannii, basically growing like weeds all around the Venus flytraps.

I have my little 3 year old nephew to thank for that, last year in early November, he found the vial filled with seeds D. burmannii I've collected. Unbeknownst to me, he thought he would help me plant them by emptying the whole thing into my pots of VFT growing in the pots for 3 years now. I didn't understand him when he tried to explain what he did with the vial of seeds, i thought he spilled the seed on the lawn, couple of weeks later, I saw the burmannii plantlets growing, reaching flowring size by early January of this year. Right now my VFT are doing just fine despite their crowded condition.

I think the issue is their roots, unlike normal plants, the roots of the VFT & Droseras are just to anchor the plant to the soil, it only draws water & that's it. No mineral or other nutrients is drawn from their roots so it doesn't affect them that much when crowded.

One surprise is that my D. burmannii survived the cold winter easily. As long as they are protected from the frost, they did okay, sprouting and growing to flowering size despite the cold. I'm going to have them growing outside next winter how much they tolerate the cold. That it wasn't some fluke.

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Tommyr: they are indoor/outdoor in a pot.

Hunterkiller: good stuff thanks for the info

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It depends on what type of drosera that you have. Some species can with stand heat like D. falconeri. Some can endure cold like D. anglica. Some need high humidity for dew to produce like D. indica. Some just don't really care about humidity like D. filiformis âÂÂall redâÂÂ. Gets my point? So do you have a name? or a picture of the plant?

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There should be a pic above drosera84 but if not here's another one. There's 2 in the same pot Audrey and Audrey2

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I've seen others have "samples" of all their CPs in a pot together. The main thing I'd consider is how you plant to take care of that pot.

For example, some CP can handle being outdoors all year round (depending on your zone also). Others would want to be indoors at some point.

At the same time, some may take wetter conditions and some prefer moist conditions. So just choose similar plants or at least, make the conditions so that the plant with more restrictions can handle it.

As for insects, if you find the VFTs are not getting as many insects and the other plants are starting to outgrow them because of getting more bugs (not just because of their natural growth sizes), you can help by manually feeding a bug to it also.

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I can't see your sundew (drosera). I can only see two of your VFT. They look every healthy. A bit more sun for redder color. =)

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They are just fine!

In nature, Venus flytraps often clump together, either because seed grew together, plants that budded off & are growing next to the mother plant, bud split, or even plants that"walked' close to each other.

You should see my Venus flytraps growing in pots crowded Burmann's sundews.

The last one even has a Cuban spoonleaf sundew growing below the middle VFT trap.

Like I said, I have my little nephew to thank. ;-)

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