Growing blueberries in wine barrels

jenn(SoCal 9/19)July 23, 2011

I'm looking for some large wine barrels to transplant our blueberries from smaller pots. Is there a way to preserve the large wooden barrels for long-term growing, such as lining with a large plastic trash bags with drainage holes punched into the bottom? I would prefer the wooden barrels because I love their natural appearance and larger size, but don't want to have to replace a rotting barrel every few years, and blueberries need a LOT of water.

Has anyone had success growing blueberries in the smaller plastic(?) wine barrel look-alikes seen at the big box stores?

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Pond centers sell hard plastic liners that fit inside a wine barrel AND have a lip to protect the top of the taves. I suppose if you drilled or cutout a few 1" holes in them and in the oak barrels..the Oak barrels staves could last many years treated with stain or, to get really fancy polyurathene(spelling is close)adds a varnished look.
If great looks dont matter..the old 32 gal Rubbermaids perhaps covered in a reed or 1970's style macrame like exterior could look passable.
Yep,I'm that old.

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hoosierquilt USDA 10A Sunset 23 Vista CA

I have my blueberries (6 of them) in very large terra cotta pots, Jenn. They look very nice. 3 of them we had to construct some major hardware cloth cylinders to keep the rats and ground squirrels out as they gnawed them to the ground at first, so that doesn't look particularly aesthetic, but I think it now may safe enough to remove them as they've gotten pretty big, and I've taken care of the rat and ground squirrel population. But, I think stanofh's suggestion is a good one. I saw the 1/2 whisky barrels or 1/2 wine barrels recently at Lowe's at a very good price. I love the look of them, too, but they do rot out fast. I may also check around for the plastic liners at my local pond center, too. Great idea. And I still have my 1969 macrame book. Too bad I never kept any of the plant hangers I made, lol!!

Patty S.

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jenn(SoCal 9/19)

stanofh: Thanks for suggesting the liners; I'll look for them. I definitely don't want to use anything that might be toxic to the berries. And looks do matter (to me), at least in my own yard. :0)

Patty: I'd like wood (with a liner) or plastic container (or one of those terra-cotta look-alikes made of foam) since our summers are so hot and blueberries like so much water. I'll go to Lowe's and check out those half-barrels!

I remember macrame and have seen some hangers in high-end stores.

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'Welcome Jenn!
I really meant to say wicker baskets or reeds to cover a generic container like rubbermaids...but all that came to me was Macrame!-lol
You have to excuse me for the mistake..I just recently had to put down my old 1974 "Pet Rock"..

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