Where do I find Chicken Manure to buy?

leubafr(z8/9)September 25, 2007

Help! I would like to get some Chicken Manure for my plants. I used to have a bunny but it went to bunny Heaven several years ago. My Orange tree is planted by the BM and it is 12' tall as compared to the same age satsuma tree planted on the other wide of the orange tree. It is only 4' tall. Go figure.

Where do you guys get your Chicken Manure?

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misssherry(Z8/9SE MS)

Mary, I get mine from the Lowe's in Gulfport or D'Iberville/North Biloxi. The Lowe's in Hattiesburg doesn't carry it, and I was surprised to find when I went to Tampa earlier in the year that they don't carry it there either, nor do they carry it at the Home Depot in Tampa. I don't understand why certain stores have it and others don't.
The brand is Black Hen, the same company that carries Black Kow manure, which most all the Lowe's carry. Maybe your Slidell store will have it.

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well, I could get you all the chicken manue you could ever possibly want because my brother-in-laws brother is the owner of eight chicken houses. Now I'm sure you would need to dry it out before using it and it smells awful but that's just part of it being free. Having said that--- have you tried your local chicken farmer as they usually want to get rid of the stuff and can hardly give it away. So if you are interested in the free stuff, let me know and I will see what I can do for you. My email contact is on my home page and I am just outside of McComb. But Miss Sherry is right in that they have it at the retail stores and it's very inexpensive and deodorized but let me know if you're interested in the free stuff. Butterflutter

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Forgot to say that Farmer's Supply stores may also carry it as well.


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misssherry(Z8/9SE MS)

Butterflutter, there are some chicken houses down the road from me, and I could get all I want for free, but I it smells horrible at first, and I don't know how long I should age it before using it - I know you're not supposed to use "hot" manure, because it'll burn your plants.
Do you know how long it needs to sit before using it? Do you need to keep it dry?

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butterflymomok(7a NE OK)

When we got fresh manure for our garden we would put it on the soil in the fall, and turn it under in the spring before planting. Overwintering should age it.


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htown(North Houston)

Every dollar spent is a vote to save the middle class from destruction at the hands of the corporate fascist.

Please, for Goodness's sake, do NOT buy chicken manure, plants, or anything if your really want to make a difference, from a large corporation.

Whenever you buy anything from a locally owned private business it is Two Victories in one transaction!

There has got to be somebody raising some chickens around you somewhere, and the good that establishing such relationships will do for your local community is immeasurable.

It is time that the middle class in the good ol' US of A wake up or one day the people of America will wake up, and there will not be a middle class.

Here is a link that might be useful: Local Harvest

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I do all I can to support the local farmers of the area but we do not have chicken farms anywhere near our area. There is a feed store in Covington and will try there when I go.

Thanks for all the information and interest!

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Miss Sherry, I checked with my mom and since she has only used that which her own chickens produced she really doesn't know how to handle the chicken house kind. My Aunt, however, did go to a chicken house and got some.
Yes, it smells awful and it was full of things like maggots but she covered it with a tarp and waited for it to dry out before using it. Mom, on the other hand, when she was able and had chickens, used to get it from what we referred to as the chicken house, the place where they roosted every night. She would dig down and get that which had been there the longest but she still had to be careful with burning plants cause it was still powerful stuff.
Now another suggestion is "cow manure tea"! Yeap, get a few dried cow patties and place them in a bucket of water and when they have melted down to look like iced tea, yum, yum---- then it is ready to pour around plants. This stuff is good for several days before souring then you would want to start over again. GOOD LUCK - Butterflutter, or maybe I should change my name to "Cow Patti"......!!!!!!

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where are the chicken houses i need some.

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Garden gnomes again? Look at the date on the above post...

Just sayin.................


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KC Clark - Zone 2012-6a OH

When this topic popped up on page 1, there was a 2012 post at the bottom. Next time I looked, that post was gone. Cannot remember what it said but I did not recognize the poster's name. My guess would be that the poster was a spammer and Gardenweb yanked all the posts from the person.

Something has definitely changed with Gardenweb. For years, if you posted on something that was older than the top 67 pages, nobody knew it. Now, it pops back up to page 1.

And, to keep this on topic, I could not find chicken poop after I found out how great of fertilizer it is. Called all over and struck out. These days, it is now available in a processed form. Multiple places around me sell Chickity Doo Doo. I cannot render an opinion on how it compares to putting the real thing in your dirt.

Here is a link that might be useful: Chickity Doo Doo

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