have: have: hibiscus, hostas, goldenrod, mahonia

ratgirl(7b)March 9, 2006

I have a very large Hibiscus moscheutos (crimson-eye rose mallow). I grew it from seed in 1997 and it is now about 5' by 5'. Is has outgrown its site and I don't have anywhere to put it so that it can "shine," which it surely does. I have moved it once and it transplanted well. Even though I'm sure the rootball is huge, I believe it could be moved again with success (or divided and moved). Needs full sun. I'm in downtown Raleigh. I can dig when anyone's ready to pick up.

Also have tons of roots of Solidago rugosa (goldenrod 'Fireworks') that I pulled today. They are in holding in moist soil and very hardy. You can't fail with them. Somewhat aggressive-- but for a meadow or wildflower garden, perfect. Plus, not hard to pull up when it starts to wander. These roots will keep for a while. Not enough room to pot them all up now, but if you want to claim some, I'll pot up some up right away.


--Hosta fortunei 'Hyacinthina'. Gets to be very large. Blue-greenish leaves with lavender flowers.

--Mahonia in a 1-gallon pot. It's about 1 foot tall. Just dug.

--6-inch clay pots

--many Nigella seedlings ("love in a mist")

--Lemon balm

--Siberian iris (purple)

Other stuff, just ask ....

These are some of my wants:

White baneberry/doll's eye (Actaea pachypoda)

Lady's mantle

Any unusual sedums

Partridgeberry (Mitchella repens)

Hardy banana (Musaceae acuminata) cultivar 'zebrina' or other short variety (6-8 feet maximum height)

Any species of hardy cactus

Russian sage (Perovskia atriplicifolia)

Ostrich fern


Staghorn sumac (Rhus typhina) cultivar 'Tiger eye' aka 'Bailtiger'

Achillea 'fireland' or any dark colors (yarrow)

Geranium 'Crystal Palace' (cuttings are OK)

Any milkweeds (Asclepia)

Hardy geraniums (Cranesbills)

Gas plant (Dictamnus albus)

Gladiolus, dark purples especially

Scented geranium: peppermint 'chocolate' (it's variegated)

Oriental poppies, any color, root cuttings OK

Cardinalflower (lobelia cardinalis)--I can always use more, even little seedlings

Sealing wax palm (Cyrtostachys lakka, Cyrtostachys renda)--Dream on .......

Liatris spicata

Echinops ritro (globe thistle)



Any native woodland plants that I don't (or do!) have .... ferns, all kinds .... more bloodroots, trout lilies, hepaticas, trilliums

Malva sylvestris 'Zebrina'

horse manure for composting

Thanks -- Carla

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Ralph Whisnant(z7b-8 NC)

Carla, I am interested in your hibiscus, hosta and goldenrod. I have several items that may qualify for trade including Trillium that are just now blooming, brugs in 5-gallon pots, Japanese Painted ferns and several other native plants including a few mayapple, bird's foot violets, celandine poppies, bleeding heart (non-native), wild ginger, etc. I won't know for a while what has survived the move from SC to Raleigh.

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Hi Ralph -- You're here in NC for good--yay! I will keep the hibiscus in position for a bit, then I can dig when you're ready for it. I'm hoping in the next two-three weeks. Could be I could leave it in place until the April 29 place and bring it then, if you plan to attend. You are also welcome to hostas and goldenrod. I'll go ahead and pot up some of the GR roots, now that I know someone wants it. I'm definitely interested in the brug. What color is it? Also, which trilliums do you have? I have cuneatum that are blooming now. Last year you traded me a black EE. I left it in the ground, though I was advised it might not be hardy enough. And I also left an Illustris out because i was told they hang on pretty well through the winter. Whaddya think about the black one? If it doesn't come back, and you have a root to spare, I'd be happy for another. It was one of my faves in the garden last year. Really gorgeous, though I put it too close to the front of the border. You'd think I'd have been industrious enough to dig it up for winter, but things got away from me!

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Ralph Whisnant(z7b-8 NC)

Carla, I have Trillium cuneatum, also. I do have available both Black Magic and Illustris ee's if you want to go ahead and get one of each that have already leafed out in the green house. As for the hibiscus, I can likely borrow a truck from my brother or son-in-law whenever you are available for me to come pick it up, or we can meet somewhere like the JCRaulston Arb. if you prefer. We live just a few minutes from there. I have several brugs in very large pots, most of which are white. I also have smaller pots of mostly pink ones (Frosty Morn) and a few yellow flowered ones. The one Charles Grimaldi brug that I have has many new shoots which should be suitable for rooting.

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mudbug(8b Coastal NC)

Hi, I am interested in your goldenrod as well as others. Please check my trade list and let me know. mudbug

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Carla, I have Mitchella repens I can bring to Raleigh on Saturday, April 8. Do you have any of the coral honeysuckle available?

Ralph, you were interested in my asparagus bean seeds last fall. Let me know if you are still interested.


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Yes, Kitty. The coral honeysuckles I have are transplants I just potted, 6-12 inches tall. You are welcome to some. I'd love the partridgeberry. Carla

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