have: Cleve. Co Shlby/Kngs Mtn/Grver surrounding area Plant Swap

ncgardengirlMarch 27, 2009

Ok It is here We will be having a plant swap in the Lower Cleveland County Township #3-Grover AREA.

If you would like information on the location or more information in general please email me and I will answer any questions you may have.

It will be May 16th opening at 12:00 pm we will end at 4:00 pm or later if we are talking lol.

From 12:00 to 12:30 we will do set-up of those coming in for lunch and set-up of their plants. IF you are coming for lunch PLEASE LET ME KNOW.

From 12:30 to 1:30 or so we will have a picnic type lunch we will share a list of foods that will be coming so we do not end up with lots of one item.


IF you are coming for lunch PLEASE LET ME KNOW. If you can not bring a food item plates, cups, forks, spoons and napkins are good too.

1:30 to 2:00 side trades and set-up for those who didn't show up for lunch.

2:00 until all the plants are gone PLANT SWAP.


Everyone is welcome. Bring Plants and seeds if you wish to trade seeds after the Plant Swap is over or during lunch! Please pot up your plants a few weeks before and make sure they are watered well prior to the swap, we want happy plants for the trip home.

PLEASE make sure all plants are well rooted no-one wants a plant to perish later due to lack of a good root system.

ALL plants are welcome however if you have vegetables or annuals please post those so that you can make side trades for those in general but vegetables WILL BE ALLOW IN THE GENERAL SWAP!

If you can make it and are making plans to join us please email me to confirm you will be coming.

Also IF you are making side trades please make sure you can come if for some reason you can not make it after promising plants please make arrangements for your plants to make it to the swap. THANKS SO VERY MUCH!!!

Please bring any tables and lawn chairs you may have!

Please email me for more information on a plant raffle for one special plant!


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#3/Grover sound kinda close to us. We get to see those lovely greenish yellow firetrucks cruising by all the time.

Things kind of took a strange turn here so I am saving the date but I haven't had the motivation to plant anything yet and not sure I will be in the near future.

Just thought I would leave that thought with you since I had been interested at an earlier date and said I would come. If anything changes I will let you know though.


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Tina it is REALLY close to u maybe 3 or 4 miles away.
Sorry you are having issues.
I wish you would come. Hope you get in the mood soon I would love to have you join us.
Apparently no one else is coming either, no one has posted yet or emailed me!


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rootdiggernc(Z-7A NC)

Hey Fran, It's great that you're going to start a swap up down there! Give it time, they'll come. DH and I may try to come, but won't know till closer to the time. He use to stomp around down there so he knows the area a little bit. Is this going to be at a local park or what? There's always something to dig/divide or root around here!

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HEY Root! How are you? I would love to have you come, maybe you can drag some others from up there down here LOL.
It will be at my home the first time around since there doesn't seem to be too much interest at this point I don't think we will have too many people coming.

That is the reason I said to bring lawn chairs and tables if you have any! So we will have sitting available for everyone.
The place I wanted to have it doesn't have electric available and I am not sure how important that is to anyone.
Although it is in a very nice location if you rent the spot is cost a lot and I don't want to chance renting it an no one show. So I figured having it here is the best bet for now.

If you can make it down that would be awesome, but I know it is a long trip for you. It would be nice to see you again, it was so breif the last time.

:) Fran

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Frances Coffill(7b)

I have my plants growing for this, hopefully family health issues won't call me away before that. :)

won't be able to bring chairs! don't have any that are really portable


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Frances you HAVE to come! I am hoping all will be well with your whole family between now and then and even after! YOU need a break lady.
You come have fun with us, even if it is just me, you and someone else!
Come out and enjoy your self!

:) Fran

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Frances Coffill(7b)

Fran I wouldn't miss meeting you and hanging out for anything!!! Even if it is just us (but I really think you will see more interest as the day approaches) I am so excited. I have been nurturing plants all winter just for this event!!! The weather is so fabulous, I gotta go back outside....

Have you posted anything (an announcement maybe) on the Discussion side? can you do that here???

Hellloooo Tina!!!!

Thanks for the well wishes, I am so worried and distracted by the 'health issues' of my family, gardening is the only relief I have right now and it is a real chore to keep myself from constantly worrying.


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Hi I thought I would just check in an see if there were any other interested folks yet in this swap. I see there isn't.

Frances, I have posted it on Graigslist, here and on another gardening site. I just don't think there are enough people in this area to do a swap. It is so disappointing that not more people are interest in swapping and trading plants. I LOVE doing it and meeting everyone. It is always so much fun.
It is even more fun when you don't have to rush and leave that is why this one will be so much fun for me.

I am just hoping that the closer we get to the time for it to happen more will be posting and planning on coming.

I just keep checking....

:) Fran

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Frances Coffill(7b)

lol Fran!

I cannot believe there aren't more swappers around here! still a few weeks left, if no one wants our plants we'll just have to share them between us!

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bumping this up so it doesn't get lost!

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Thanks Gail!
I have been pretty much checking EVERYDAY to see if anyone has confirmed the are coming and NOTHING....maybe if I stop checking EVERYDAY then when I come back to check on it 15 people will have posted saying they are coming!
YEA, I know! I can dream!!!

:) Fran

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I only have a few plants of diff varieties, tomatoes, bell pepper, coneflower, daisies, etc... but are more than we can use. I may be able to make it, will have to see closer to actual date.


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HI Mike I would love to have you. I emailed you back with a question.
I can send you more details when you let me know if you know anything about this area so I will know if you need absolute details or general directions lol.

Please let me know if you will attend for sure. THANKS!!!


:) Fran

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Wow not checking everyday didn't help either STILL no one here signing up...


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If it would not appear to be rude or inappropriate for me to stop in just to say hello... I would most certainly like that. I have had a slight change in how my time is committed lately though so I don't have anything to bring and I really think I have more than I can manage at the moment.

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Tina you can say HEY anytime LOL, you can came chat with us if you have time! I would like to see you again!!!!

:) Fran

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Only one week and 1 day away....I thought more would post by now...
Well I am STILL looking forward to it, I hope those who are planning on attending is as well.

:) Fran

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For some reason my original post did not go through. I want to attend, but need to see how far away it is (I live in Gaston County). I have a few plants in limited quantities:
stella d'oro day lilly
Purple phlox
white and purple irisis
white lentne roses
maybe a few others....
Also have a small nandina, but will only dig up if requested. And of course... monkey grass and mondo grass!

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Hey Judy WHICH mondo grass do you have?

I might be interested in the Nandina... I sent you directions, if you are pretty sure you are going to attend email me back and let me know for sure.

:) Fran

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Hey I am glad everyone came it was fun and I WISH I would have remembered to take pics of the plants. I can't believe I forgot, I was so excited people showed up I forgot all about the pics!

Again thanks for coming and I hope to do it again maybe this fall!

:) Fran

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Thanks for hosting! I am sure I have more than enough water plants for my barrel and really needed that Heuchera for an empty spot by the house. I had a good time and Carol told me to make sure I let you know she did as well. Looking forward to fall!


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Frances Coffill(7b)

Congratulations on a successful swap Fran! I am so sorry to have missed it! (still trying to decide if I should pitch or plant two boxes of plants I had ready to bring)

Have a wonderful day!

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I hate such a great time. The great thing about gardening is not the plants, but the people you meet and the passion we all share. Sorry I had to leave early. Fran, I didn't see the request for the nandina unitl this morning... I think it already has a new home. The mondo grass is the common green stuff - nothing fancy. If anyone wants some of the plants I brought, let me know and I'll pot some up for the fall, Off to church... Happy gardening, Judy

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Frances Just dig up a hole throw pot and all in there and then come fall maybe you can make it to the a swap either here or in Greer and you can bring them then!
Either way good luck and I hope things change for you real soon.

It was really fun though, we had some nice plants come in I got some really nice things and I am pleased as peach punch!
Sorry you missed it.

:) Fran

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