Ants in my indoor nepenthes

monabegonia(5)April 19, 2013

I recently obtained an unknown nepenthes from a friend who got it from a friend. The problem is it has ants in the soil in its pot! They are currently contained in a ziplock bag but I grow in my house so the plant can't come out of that bag until I have a solution to the ants! if possible I would prefer a soil drenching insecticide but maybe transplant into new medium and careful cleaning is the only option? Thanks for the guidance, I am really not a carnivorous plant expert and I really want this beautiful plant to make it!

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Just submerge the whole thing, roots especially, in a bucket of water. Get rid of any media the plant was potted is/is around the roots and repot the entire thing. Ants can't swim and the Nepenthes will be fine. It should get repotted in fresh media if it was infested anyway.

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