Sarracenia snacks

carnivoorApril 24, 2008

I had a bunch of ants that found a way into my room yesterday. After I plugged the hole ,(animal-loving person that I am)I used one of those wooden meat sticks to build a bridge to my Sarracenia plant(it's surrounded by water).As a result my little sarr had it's first snacks this year.

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Creative and sadistic, at the same time!

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The weird thing is ,the ants in the beginning seemed to be more interested in the rim of the Sarr than the inside of the pitcher. I always though there was only wax on the rim.

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the_mikado(z7 AL)

On many pitchers, the rim is the area where the nectar can be most plentiful...the wax is a trapping mechanism, more than an attractant.

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That would explain it.

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