myoporum groundcover

sumcool(Cen. Coast/s17)July 3, 2009

We planted myoporum groundcover (parvifolium?) about a year ago. It filled in nicely in only 6 months.

We put in sprinklers and watered twice a week for the first 6 months, then cut to once a week. We fertilized with Milorganite, Joe's favorite.

Soil is sandy, zone is Sunset 17 - Central Coast (Arroyo Grande - Oceano area) and foggy in summer.

We're thinking about cutting watering to once a month and quitting the fertilizer.

Does anyone know how to care for this plant?

Also, somewhere we heard that it is short lived. Is this true, and what does that mean?

I've learned a lot from this site, thank you all.

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debbysunshine(san diego)

I'm inland in San Diego and a couple of years back got some cuttings of Myoporum which I put in a hot uncared for front garden and it took right off and only needs a trim when it encroaches the sidewalk, never fertilizes ans stays pretty dry there and it's in full bloom, very lush and green.

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I put it in about a year ago also. Done little to it but water to get it going. I have to trim it or redirect to keep out of waterfall but thats about it.

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sumcool(Cen. Coast/s17)

Thanks, debby and goblue.
Will stop watering and fertilizing and see what happens.

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Oh I think it needs a little water. Mine gets some overspray once a week but thats about it.
My city has it everywhere but I bet it gets watered.
I definately don't think it needs any fertilizer.
Mine is flowering with bees all over it and have never fertilized it.

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hoovb zone 9 sunset 23

I put a one gallon plant of it in the back. I watered it in when I planted it, and never watered it again. It did great, got to about 20'x20' in a year.

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