looking for good mail order source for Sarracenia

ccoombs1(7B SC)April 5, 2007

I just finished building a rather large bog and want to get a nice selection of Sarracenia to go in it. I need lots of plants.....at least 20. I don't mind if they are small (and therefore less expensive), but I do want healthy ones and a lot of different varieties. Any suggestions for me? I saw some on Ebay....is that a good idea? thanks!


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You might want to try some VFT's, as well as temperate sundews like D. intermedia, rotundifolia, and filiformis. Trading with forum members is a lot less expensive than buying from an online store. I'd help ya out, but I just put my outdoor plants outdoors and they promtly got ravaged by critters and / or kids. So I just have a lot of window sill plants.

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ccoombs1(7B SC)

I used to trade hostas on GW, so maybe I need to start a thread in the trader area to see if anyone needs hostas. I have loads of them!! VFTs should do well here.....they grow wild in SC. They should like my bog just fine!! I'll check out the others you mentioned too. thanks!

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I seem to recall that www.cobraplant.com had a great sarracenia assortment sale in the spring. I think they are scheduled to do that again in May so check their site around then. I wasn't able to do it last year but I'm hoping for it this year. I remember it being an assortment of about 10 sarrs.

CA Carnivores has a sarracenia rhizome sale going on too, but they aren't that cheap and from what I gather from their website, you don't know what you're getting until it grows. I've gotten some from ebay, but make sure you look into the seller's history.

You MAY have some luck at local stores, but it isn't likely. Lowes will have them, but they should be a last resort if you can't go another hour without a CP fix.

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Lowes has had S. purpurea, rubra, Dana's Delight, and Dixie Lace.

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I got 2 large Sarr bare root rhizomes from Ca Carnivores about a month ago, one has sent up a nice flower spike that's about to open! Well packaged and healthy.


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bbriggs(z5 IA)

You might try Rob at Botanique. He's apparently not accepting retail orders any longer, but your order may be large enough. He sends nice big plants, very nice fellow too.

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ccoombs1(7B SC)

Thanks for the suggestions. I'll check them all out. I did buy a few small ones on Ebay yesterday. The seller had excellent feedback. I expect very small plants....but they were pretty cheap too. At least it's a start!


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I'm not bashing ebay sellers here because I've had quite a few good transactions, but haveing said that, I do look at their feedback but it can be misleading on plants. I've had several orders that came looking great, so I gave them a quick positive feedback. Two days later the plants start to look wilty, and within a month, I just can't seem to keep them alive. I'm not blameing any ONE person here but I can tell you, I've got a decent sized collection, and I've lost my share of plants and learned from my mistakes. The worst ratio of live to dead plants however, has come from ebay from sellers with good reputations according to their percentages. Just a word of warning if you buy from an ebay seller. There are good ones out there, but there are not so good ones who look just as good on the surface.

Here is a link that might be useful: Aracknight's Deadly Delights

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ccoombs1(7B SC)

uh oh.....I got about 6 plants coming in from an Ebay seller (wellspring 1000). I know they will be small.....hopefully they will do OK.

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well, the name doesn't ring a bell so I doubt I've ever bought anything from them. I hope things go well for you. As I said before, I have had some very positive ebay CP transactions. So, don't expect them not to make it, just don't throw your life savings into ebay plants either. :-)

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ccoombs1(7B SC)

they weren't expensive. I got Sarracenia Dana's Delight, Judith Hindle, purpurea, rubra, and scarlet belle. Also venus fly trap akai deep red. And two hardy dward bananas. Total including shipping was a little over $50. So no huge investment if they aren't any good. I still hope they are though.....My yard is on a pond tour again this year (in July) and I'd sure love for that bog to look nice!

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Personally, I get the "biggest bang for my buck" by cultivating friends on the discussion forums and do a lot of trades - for just $4.05 in shipping costs. Sure it can be a bit of a crapshoot, but the pros far outweigh the cons. I have done this hobby on a "shoestring budget"!

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ccoombs1(7B SC)

I know what you mean!! I used to trade hostas on Gardenweb all the time. It is a fantastic way to increase a collection!! Hopefully I can do that here too at some point. Anyone wanna trade some lovely named variety hostas for some sarracenia?? LOL!!


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Lemme know if you ever become interested in window sill CP's. Of that I have a lot!

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Alyss(Z 10 CA Coast)

I have had really good luck with two vendors on Ebay that are pretty reasonable: Starter sized Sarracenia for $4.50 each from Wellspring Gardens. $6.00 flat rate shipping for the first four plants. I have ordered twice from them and have had really healthy, well established young plants in 3" pots. I have repotted them and they're all doing great, almost doubling in size within one week. Link:

Sarracenia seeds from 'Seeds & More'

Also, bulk sphagnum bales and live Wisconsin sphagnum from "Moss Man" / Hancock Bros. Moss.

Good luck!

Here is a link that might be useful: Mail order Sarracenia

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Alyss(Z 10 CA Coast)

Just realized that you ordered from Wellspring...I'm a little slow!

Were you happy? I just ordered three more Saracenia, 'Dana's delight' and a sundew. Haven't received them yet. I do think it helped to transplant my previous plants them when they arrived...The growing mix they were in was very fine-textured. It looked like it might get too mushy, so I put them in bigger pots with long-fibered sphagnum and sand. Although the plants weren't very tall, (around 4') they had a lot of little pitchers (20 to 25!) and a really healthy root system. I was impressed with the price, considering how much starter plants cost elsewhere!

Also, last year at Trader Joes (of all places) I lucked out with two Judith hindle and one Scarlette belle for around $6.00 each. If I had known how well they would do, I would have bought all of them! Keep an eye out this summer if you have a Trader Joe's in your area....These are the ones in the photo by my pond. See pics at link below;

Here is a link that might be useful: My Pond

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ccoombs1(7B SC)

Thanks Alyss.....My order from Wellspring came today. shipping was really slow....but worth the wait! The plants are very healthy and bigger than I expected. Not big....but a lot of pitchers on each one. I would order from then again in a heartbeat!! I am going to plant them in my bog in the morning. I also have a trade in the works for sarracenias, so I should be in good shape for a while!!

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