Mail-order sources (Nepenthes)?

cranebill(6)April 12, 2007


Can anyone recommend a good mail-order source or two for carnivorous plants, in particular Nepenthes? What has been your experience?



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sakmeht(Zone 6)

I've ordered all of my plants from Sarracenia Northwest. The link is
Their packaging is excellent and I had no trouble adapting the plants to my home. Shipping cost was good, too.

I've heard that is also an excellent source of nepenthes, however I've heard the shipping is really high.

One more that I've heard nice things about is

Happy ordering!

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I second the suggestion. They ship the plants potted, the soil held down with tape and plastic, the mailing takes two days from time of order acknowledgement in every case I have ordered but could take a couple days longer. Not only do they try to adapt the plants to regular household conditions, but they try to send it fast so it does not suffer weakening during shipment. All of them arrive healthy and none suffered any shock, they just kept right on growing when I got them as if nothing had happened.

Many of the plants I got from them often came with extra plants and they sometimes send freebees according to what you order and when. So far, I have a free D. adelea, D. spatulata clump, and 100 free Sarracenia hybrid seeds that were fresh. In addition, the Venus flytrap came with two extra yearling plants, the D. graminifolia I bought was supposed to be two plants, but there were three.

They also provide constant feedback and occasionally email asking about your plants.

Their site includes easy to access and follow care sheets as well.

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Just to give an exact figure, california carnivores charges $5 for packing and wrapping + the USPS bill. is awesome, its the first place I have found that actually sells the pincushion sundew, which I have been looking for for a while.

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I do trades with other hobbyists!

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If you live near portland oregon i heard Sarracenia Northwest has a booth up at the saturday market.I went this month and found out the guy at that booth is aschool teacher and would.nt be there until june(summer vacation)
i was bummed that i had to wait.

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well, I've had luck with cobraplant and california carnivores. Ebay would be hit or miss for me... sometimes you get great plants, but they're often bare root and sometimes take more care to keep alive. Black Jungle is another place I've had decent luck with.

Here is a link that might be useful: Aracknight's Deadly Delights

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Looking for trades of Nepenthes cuttings, or plants!

I have plenty of room, and will consider Nepenthes that need a new home also!.

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