Advice on layering drip line/weedcloth/ bark??

cottagecindyJuly 17, 2012


just a quick question, and I did a search but came up empty...

In my front yard (tiny) I have finally relandscaped -well almost ,still planting flowers in one corner (pics will come soon) but I have a "u" shape hedge growing around the front for privacy. I put edging in by the grass line. and a drip system along the shrubs (pittosporum silver sheen) and yes, weeds, grass, you name it comes up. So I need to put bark along this area, but also weed cloth. Do you put the cloth under the drip line or over? then the bark on top obviously.

I see folks hate the weed cloth, but it's not going where I'm planting any flowers.

Any advice? Where should drip line go? I put big holes around the shrubs so I can access the line if it breaks (well not a "big" hole but bigger than an X )... it worked well on a row of nandina along driveway fence line.'

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Cindy I think Dylansbrown responded to post her link, another kind of spam. Are you using dripline with internal emitters, or a line you insert emitters where desired? Inserted emitters will need to be serviced or replaced more often, and should be accessible. Internal emitter line will usually take 5 years or more before needing to be replaced. I have had bad results covering the ground with weed fabric where the shrubs are well established. If the weed fabric is installed first and then the shrubs are planted through holes cut in the fabric, so they establish their roots with the fabric in place they do OK. Most shrubs will have their feeder roots at about the drip line of the plant. Al

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I'm using the lazercut tubing drip line.-hole every 6", but the main tube 1/4" goes all the way around the yard (like 30') and I put the holes in it with my poker tool and attached a small circle around each bush about 6" away from the trunk or even more. no bubblers near the main trunk of any of them. They seem to like it-they are growing (all planted since early spring)
I'm not burying any of the main tubing or laser lines loops
It's nice weed cloth and I notice when you pour water on it --it takes forever to soak thru.and the bark soaks up some also. so I was concerned if I put the cloth down Then the drip Then the bark, I'd be afraid I wouldn't get any water to the bushes.
Am I overwatering the growing pittosporum? I "see a wet u shaped line of water around the bush literally right under the drip line hardly deep at all. but they ARE growing. and the flower beds are on the same timer, and I have a weaving laser line thru them. so I have to be careful of overwatering.

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oh, no bubblers at all. in answering your question, I believe the laser cut drip line with the small holes every 6" is internal emitting yes?
and remember the bushes are new, since spring and some only 1 month old. all about 3' high or less.( 5 gallon buckets)

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hoovb zone 9 sunset 23

Freshly planted Pitts appreciate the water certainly the first summer. Don't overdo it this coming winter especially if rains are decent. You can taper off as they establish, then if they start looking poorly and stop growing, bump the water back up somewhat. Tip-prune for more density as often as you can, if density is what you want.

The thing about weed cloth is that the weeds simply grow on top of the cloth after a while. Nothing against it, it simply ends up being more work than it is worth. I just add another layer of mulch when the previous layer starts to thin.

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