Mystery Erythrina

chezronJuly 6, 2013

Really nice, heavily pruned, small Erythrina (about 10' x 10') blooming in July.

1) What species?

2) Can it be propagated by cuttings?

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hoovb zone 9 sunset 23

Is it crista-galli?

Erythrina is generally easy from cuttings.

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E.crista galli looks to me too. By cuttings or just as easy by seeds.
If you ever meet somebody who wants to cut one of these down? You can actually take a huge branch and stick it in the ground and it will root and -presto- instant coral tree. No kidding.

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WBDB(Sunset 19 USDA 10a)

This Erythrina is lovely. They get so huge. I had a E that was sold to be a shrub that maxed at 10'. I wish someone may be able to give me a clue, I probably can recognize the name.

BTW, that 10' E's roots made it from the container to the ground, and it was a 25' multi trunked tree in 2-3 years. It was impressive because the flowering period seemed much longer than what I recall most E's to be. It was still an impressive small tree, with a great floral display.

Very little research tells me that it was Erythrina x bidwillii. This was one garden stunner. I want another one at my current residence. I know they tore out the one that was at my old house, as soon as I moved. So sad, people have different priorities.

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hoovb zone 9 sunset 23

My neighbor has Erythrina x bidwillii, and stunner it is. She enjoys watching the hummingbirds fight over it all summer. The best of the Erythrinas.

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