nepenthes not pitchering!!!

tropichrisApril 12, 2009

I have a nepenthes ventricosa that ive had for three-four months. It is not pitchering even though It is in a terrarium. It is growing in peat moss in a plastic pot. I keep the soil moist and do not fertilize. I have it in high light and warm temps. but it is not pitchering at all. I do have a tree-frog in the same terrarium that likes to burrow in the LFS and peat, so I think it could be messing up the roots. I heard that if you rubbed diluted fert. on the leaves, it would help it pitcher. so I tried that. IT STILL ISNT PITCHERING!!! please help me out here. I know im doing a lot of things right, but it doesnt like it. how do I get it to pitcher?????

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For the most part, pitchering is a direct function of light; specifically, the photoperiod. Nepenthes are generally equatorial, with very little seasonality. They need ~11-13 hours of light per day. There may be other issues making it unhappy, but I can't discern if anything is amiss.

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Forget the terrarium, ventricosa does not need high humidity. Also, if you have a true ventricosa it needs a temperature drop at night. Almost all of the ventricosa plants in cultivation are actually a complex backcrossing of ventricosa and alata. Ventricosa red is an example of one of these complex backcrossings. Ventricosa blanco is the true one.

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