Brugmansia for Palm Springs?

toffee-el(Z8b Sunset Z13 Elev 4650ft)July 25, 2012

Angels trumpets sure are very pretty, Anyone growing them in the desert? Is Palm spring's weather too dry for them? How often do we need to water them?

Thanks for helping.

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hosenemesis(SoCal Sunset 19 USDA 8b)

They are extremely thirsty. You could try a small one in the shade and water it every day as an experiment, but the leaves and the flowers droop on hot days, so I doubt it would look pretty for you.

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They really don't like low humidity and heat. I have to keep mine in containers to be able to move them into a protected area for the winter. In the summer I have them in a mostly shaded area and if I don't water them everyday, the leaves collapse against the stem. With water added they come back up but the stress keeps them from blooming. When I lived in the Monterey bay area, close to the ocean, they were wonderful. Al

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hoovb zone 9 sunset 23

I'd pull the hose over to it and leave the water running 24/7. That should work. Might get expensive, though.

I think people in Arizona/New Mexico grow a native Datura. That would give you the same type of flower, though pointed up instead of down, without the water bill.

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bahia(SF Bay Area)

Not a good fit for the low desert, there's good reasons why you don't see this plant in Palm Springs area. Don't waste your time trying.

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Suzi AKA DesertDance

I live in your zone, and I do have "Zone Envy," for sure. At least roses thrive here!! I want Dahlias and Agapanthas!!

I couldn't figure out why there are tons of commercial vineyards for table grapes, and none for wine grapes, so I researched and put in heat loving wine grapes. There was a big reason there are no wineries here. Where do you store the wine? Ferments at too high temps, and even with AC 24-, too hot to store!! Even the pool is too hot! Flip side, the vines thrive, climb the palm trees, and look gorgeous in summer!

Good luck. I'd take the advice of one poster above and get that Arizona look-alike!

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toffee-el(Z8b Sunset Z13 Elev 4650ft)

Since I am converting a spa into a gold fish pond. I am wondering if one can grow them aquaponically? ie pumping pond water onto the media that brugs grow in then drain back to the pond. Brug can take water and nutrients from the pond water and act as a plant filter of some sort.


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hoovb zone 9 sunset 23

Might work if your water is oxygenated enough, though check on the toxins in Brugs, if they will affect fish. Was Datura used as a fish stunner by indigenous peoples? They grow easily from cuttings, try a rooted cutting so you don't waste your money on an expensive plant. Also Brugs drop litter like crazy--figure out how to keep that out of the water.

You'd have to use a baked clay water plant medium, not soil or any kind of regular potting media, because that will brown up your water right quick, if not all run off into the pond.

Brugs are one of those plants I enjoy in other people's gardens.

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toffee-el(Z8b Sunset Z13 Elev 4650ft)

Good point hoobv, I know that brugs are toxin but overlook the fact roots might release toxin into the water.

This aquaponic brug doesn't sound like a good idea afterall.

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