Just bought these and they are dying...HELP!

CheeKhee(11b)June 16, 2013

Hi everyone, I'm new to succulents and I must say, I love them! I received some in the mail last week (it took 7days to get to me) and I followed the instructions for after mailing care. But I am pretty sure I am doing something wrong.

I carefully packed in the loose dirt in each of the pots (a lot fell out do to handling) and I watered them as well. Per instructions, I kept them indoors because they were shut in a box for 7 whole days. I moved them outside in the shade today, and they look pretty sad. Any ideas how I can save them?

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Hi....I don't have very good luck with these kinds of plants,
I seem to always over water them, they do not like to to wet for any lengh of time at all, and they like lots of sun, so they don't do well at all in my house not enough sun....
the soil they are in looks like alot of peat...try a cactus mix fast draining, move to more sun, slowing so not to sun burn them and keep on the dry side after watering let them dry out a bit...I am sure others will give advice also.....good luck...linda..............

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pirate_girl(Zone7 NYC)


Did these plants have roots? Did the instructions say to water the plants after potting?

Often when potting succulents we do it dry, especially when dealing w/ cuttings or plants w/ few roots.

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Thanks for your advice Linda!

The soil is actually half perlite and half cactus mix bought at Home Depot. I kept them in doors per instructions from the nursery I bought them from. Because they were boxed and without sunlight for several days, they advised to gradually bring them out in the sun. But I am not sure if I gave them too little light? I watered this guy a week ago and it looks like it didnt take any of the water. Here is another pic of some of the others that came with it. A lot of leaves fell off, many that remain are not firm (rather droopy).

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Hi Pirate Girl,

Yes, the instructions were to give it a thorough soaking once it came. I didn't really repot it, more like put in more soil because ALOT of it was out of the pots. In fact one side of the box had the succulents BURIED in their box mates' soil.

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And yes, they did have roots. Although I recall in a few pots... The roots didn't look very healthy. Not sure if it was just the soil or bad roots.

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I think they're going to be okay. Succulents can hang in longer than most plants, but are slower to show their recovery. In a few more days, start giving them some full sunlight for 1-2 hours a day (not in that shiny pan ... you'll cook them). Once they're fully recovered, these plants like a lot of sun.

Don't water them again until the soil is completely dry, then water thoroughly (drain completely, don't leave any water in that pan). The leaves may look a little soft, but they will firm up after a couple of waterings. Speaking of leaves, take the ones that fell off and set them on some cactus soil/perlite mix (dry). They may put out roots and grew a few new little ones for you! Once you see roots, mist lightly every couple of days.

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Did nursery you bought them from provided names?
(didn't see any ID in your post - hope I didn't miss it).

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Thanks for the info Danielle! Some of the stems are turning brownish... Bad sign? I will try and take a pic and post. The range in temperature here is 77 to 85F and pretty humid. I will be taking these out of those pans now!

Sorry Rina, they didn't say what type of plant this is. These were Ctually supposed to be for my wedding, but now I am just hoping they survive.

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Brown stems is a bad sign. Sorry, I'm not sure there's much to do. You can try to cut off the healthy part and re-root it, maybe. Whether it was shipping damage, over-watering, or the stress of both of those things, who knows, but if the stems are rotting, there's not much hope.

I find many of these types of succulents to be really fragile, as well as sedum. Leaves fall off at the slightest bit of handling. Sometimes new growth sprouts, but it's annoying to have all the bare spots, to say the least.

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Poor little bugger just died. I woke up and saw the entire stem was brown. I am wondering if trying to root cuttings would be better for me rather than trying to ship out live plants. Any thoughts on that?

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