Update! Hubert the sundew

bob123howApril 26, 2007

Hubert the friendly lance leaf sundew, for those of you who remember, was in a cube of death and a few weeks ago was in sorry shape. Well he has put out 3 new leaves. The first had a tiny amount of clear dew (but to date has caught 3 fungus gnats). The second leaf was covered in clear dew, and the third was covered in big globs of red dew. All three of the leaves are fatter and about 1/4 the length of the original leaves, but progress is definitely being made. I'd post a picture but it's so blurry it isn't worth it. Thanks to all who gave advice on how to revive him from the ashes, like the carnivorous plant phoenix of doom he is. :)

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Hello bob123how,

Glad to hear all the info from us and Sarracenia NW helped out. Hubert will be surrounded by clones of himself in a few months now probably.

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