Pest & Disease Remedies

CA KateJuly 8, 2008

I received this link from Fine Gardening in this mornings email and it seems quite useful:

Here is a link that might be useful: Fine Gardening:Pest & Disease Remedies

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Thanka westelle. A few there I had not heard of to add to the file. Al

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I agree! Thanks, Westelle. I particularly like the tape/aphids trick. :)


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I like it too, I want to try out the vinegar thing on the oxalis weeds I can't get rid of:)

Thanks Westelle, that's some good info, I agree:)

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I've become a big believer in the chamomile tea for seedlings. Now I just set out a 2 gallon glass jar and make sun tea and use it in the watering can or misting bottle. Hydrogen peroxide is good for fighting disease during germination too, but make one mistake on solution strength and you can fry the seedling.

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