Some new plants!!

Beachplants(Z11)June 5, 2012

I got a box of new plants today - they have been in there for a week, so not looking too great but I want to share..

Sarcocaulon vanderietiae

Sarcocaulon crassicaule

Got a partner for my on Pleiospilos compactus subsp. fergusoniae

Faucaria gratiae

Faucaria felina subsp felina

This is my baby F. tigrina for comparison

Conophytum ratum

A HUGE C. bilobum ssp bilobum (normal and smaller conos in foreground for comparison)

Here another mid-large bilobum

One of my must have's - Crassula alstonii


Aloe aculeata babies

Beautiful Aloe alooides babies

Aloinopsis rubro-lineate seedling/juvenile flowering today (1.5years)

Aloe excelsa seedlings

Crassula ericoides seedlings

Conophytum flavum ssp flavum babies

One of my real fav's - Cheiridopsis glomerata

Funny Cheiridopsis meyeri

Conophytum uviforme subsp. subincanum babies transplanted

Hoodia gordonii juvenile

Schwantesia marlothii

Some of the newest seedlings - 7weeks

Some older lithops

And finally, I do have some cacti...LOL!



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teengardener1888(NY Albany 5a)

very unusuall succulents and great variety. the only succulents that i have right now are jade and snake plant

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Brrrrrrk, glrrrrrrrrp! I'm going to explode! Yowzers!!!

Awesome plants Rian. Do you pick them up locally?

Also, your seedlings are looking plump as can be, terrific.

I wish I could just pop over for a visit. It's like they're magnetic. I can't get my face any closer to the screen!

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Ryan I think we are bad for each other! LOL! Luckily we are on different continents otherwise we would not have lunch money! I told someone, a while back that the new rack with all the plants does not come close to the plants on the rack with babies...point proven!?

Thanks Teengardener - you will get there!

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You two mad Mesembers must be thinking that that's the cat's meow, but for me the first two plants In fact, it's inspired a ditty (almost a limerick, which it will be with your help)

There once was a lad from Kamloops
Who locals found easy to dupe
He thought he was haulin'
A travois of Sarcocaulon

But I just can't finish it yet - on to a monthly ops report for my other job, until this poetaster's block eases.

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There once was a lad in the city
He looked at city-eyed folk with pity
They saw the Karoo as nothingness desert
He knew they missed it's succulence
its expansive beauty, it's sole-stirring magnificence

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Central_Cali369(Sunset Z9, Fresno, CA)

You hit the spot with those aloes! haha Aloe Alooides is such a beautiful Aloe! So elegant and imposing at the same time. I grew mine from a small seedling as well.


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wantonamara Z8 CenTex

I am with Cactusmacharris, I love the brambly ones. The A aculeatas look so cute and uncuddly. Love them too.

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Wow, Rian, your plants are very unusual and beautiful with so many babies.

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Josh, I will take some better pics of the baby aloes at some stage, there are a few species of year - 1.5 old babies. I do love aloes myself.

Wanton, I am building the caudiform collection slowly, but they are a fresh breeze into the collection.

thanks 1tran.

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