What the heck is this??

ilbasso_74April 11, 2007

I know that without pitchers or even a decent quality photo, this is probably useless but I'm trying anyway.

I just picked this up at a nursery and have no cluse as to what kind of nep it is. It is huge, but the leaves aren't terribly massive. To be pitcherless, it must not have liked the greenhouse conditions. It wasn't super-warm in there.

I just thought that I'd toss this out there in case something may clue one of you in. I'd at least like to try to narrow it down to lowland/highland so I know what to do for it.

The golden retriever is a particularly large and overweight one so use that as your reference!

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Yeah... a positive ID is gonna be a rough one! If I were a betting man, I would just guess at being an N. ventrata, sinec that seems to be the common TC Nep on the market. The plant on the right is a ventrata and the one the left is a Judith Finn:

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