Drosera capensis cuttings?

goofy_507April 21, 2014

Hello! Does anyone have any drosera capensis cuttings on hand? I would trade, but I do not have anything available at the moment! I'm willing to send a SASE or even money!! I recieved a capensis in the mail a while back and I failed to give it adequate growing requirements, so it died! The thing wasn't in the greatest shape upon arrival either :( I wish to try it again! Anyway, my email is hunteraevans@hotmail.com I appreciate it very much!

Thank you, goofy

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If you have an Ebay account you should buy from this guy:
He has excellent specimen with very affordable price

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Thnx I'll check it out

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I get all my plants from an online nursery im sure you can find one online there in great condition and very reasonable price

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Yeah I never recommend cuttings to new growers since these are harder to root than succulents.

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Well to my greatest surprise, I walked in to one of our flower shops(carousel) and saw 2 pots! Each had 3 very mature d. Capensis, one juvenile s. Purpurea, and one small dionea. Even better, they were marked down from $39.99 to $19.99!! I asked the gentleman at the counter why they were so cheap, and he said they had had them for over a month!!! I was so thrilled! I could tell they had em for awhile due to the fact that the pitcher and flytrap were struggling, but the sundews of course were happy as can be. That day I left with 2 bouquets of roses and pot of carnivores! I'm thinking about getting the second pot. What do you think? hahaha I think it's a deal!

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That's expensive. Even with a mark down. Well for me anyways.

Capensis are easy to grow even from seeds. Fast grower.

Purpurea are also easy to grow from seeds, but these grow at a very slow rate.

Dionea seeds, well for me it's like 1 out of 20 that will germinate. These are also slow growers.

If you can get them online, I recommend getting Capensis seeds ( very cheap ). Purpurea depends if you're willing to put the time into it. Dionea I do not recommend you start from seeds.

Sometimes if you look for plants that are on the brink of death at your garden store, you could haggle with them for an even lower price. Assuming the plant is healthy enough to be revived.

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Ya I hear ya. Seeds would have been the way to go forsure, but now I have three 7" capes with 6-8 flowers on each spike! Are these plants self pollinated? Anyway, the pot was gone when I got there and I assumed somebody bought it. Oh ya and unfortunately there isn't anything cheap in rochester, minnesota :(

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