Rooting a Nepenthes

leoakApril 6, 2007

I got some cuttings of a Nepenthes from ebay. The seller said she didn't know what type it was and that it looked a lot like khasiana, but since the khasiana is endangered then it could be a similar hybrid mix. The cuttings were healthy and they had been dipped in rooting compound. The instructions on rooting them said to remove the last leaf to expose a node and to plant it in moist peat moss. Is there anything else I should do to root the cuttings?

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There are more than a few ways to do so and the one prescribed does work. One person I respect will take a cutting and "notch" the end of it (cut slits to allow more surface area for roots) and place it in a vase, like a rose stem. Notching, in general, is a good strategy.

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