Pitcher dieback

kempshottApril 11, 2007

Any idea what's causing my nepenthes alata pitchers to die back from the top (see http://hortiplex.gardenweb.com/plants/p1/gw1051470.html)

I only use rainwater and it's never had any fertiliser. It's in a well-lit conservatory in southern England, but not in direct sun.

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Maybe the pitchers are dying because they are at the end of their life cycle. Are all of them dying? I just got one and three pitchers are doing the same thing, but I don't think its a problem.

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It could be an old leaf, whose time has come, or more likely it is experiencing some shock from a significant change (to the given plant) to its conditions (temp, humidity, lighting). Give it time, like a few weeks to acclimate.

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I second petiolaris. any significant change that occurs quickly can cause pitcher dieback. Particularly humidity and temperature. If the leaves look supple and are not wilting or drying, then the plant is fine, it just did not like something changing too quickly.

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Old pitchers WILL die off in the late winter early spring. Got to make way for NEW ones!


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