Help needed with Kalanchoe

plantloverinnd(z3ND)June 18, 2012

The plant was part of a grouping in a gift basket. About the only thing I'm sure of it's a Kalanchoe and it had yellow flowers. I put it outdoors in the shade after it was finished blooming and then noticed the new growth. Should I snip off the old leaves and repot? Will it rebloom over time? Is it best to leave indoors or could it be left outdoors in the shade until frost? Thank you for any assistance.

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bikerdoc5968 Z6 SE MI

I would not remove any new growth, since these tend to get leggy with time. I would slowly acclimate it to a nice moderately sunny outdoor location so the color will improve as will the growth. In the fall when frost is near, it should set flowers and you will want to find a sunny indoors location.

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I think it needs a repot in a fast draining mix(gritty is preferable), but at least 50/50 perlite and cactus mix. Also I like clay pots , dry out faster

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Do you think I should remove the old leaves?

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I think you could remove the old(big) leaves,i've done it with mine and it didn't harm them in any way.I think it help to remove them,then all the energy and light can go to the new leaves.JMO

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