HAVE: Shelby/Grver/Kngs Mtn Plant Swap May 16th Plant list

ncgardengirlApril 23, 2009

Hello everyone,

I though since we are only 3 weeks away we might start listing plants that can be either traded on the side or for the general swap.

I have to inventory what I have but I will be back to list some of what I will include.


:) Fran

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Frances Coffill(7b)

Hi Fran!

I don't have anything real special or exciting, I also do not have huge quantities of things, but I do have extras to swap;

red trumpet honeysuckle
TBIris, lilac smells like grape koolaid
variagate euonymous
purple coneflower
shasta daisy - alaska
4 o'clocks (stout seedlings)
tall sedum -probably autumn joy
short sedum - coral
sweet william (mix)
daffodil bulblets (for naturalizing)
rooted rugosa cuttings
blue larkspur seedlings
red flowering holiday cactus
mop head hydrangea cuttings (if they root)
also may have a half dozen or so of OP/heirloom tomatoes.

and possibly a number of other things

I am mostly interested in hardy shrub starts for this area, do not have to be fancy cultivars. If they can take dry shade I am interested!

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I started my list then thought no one would want the stuff so I didn't post it LOL.

I need to get out and make a list to see what I can list. I am busy today but will get on it soon. Again it just looks like you, me, countrygirl_sc, maybe Mike and possibly someone else I know.

Anyway, Frances I am glad you posted your list. I am interested in a few you have listed ;).

Ok well, I need to go back outside nothing is getting done with me sitting here....

:) Fran

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I am going to try to get some plants up this weekend so I can post what I have, I would like to do a couple of side trades BUT with one the handful we have coming I don't think it will matter LOL....

One more week and 1 day away!

:) Fran

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Fran, I will be there. I will have at least one of each of these rooted cuttings potted up:
Lantana Bandana Red
Lantana Samantha variegated
Angelonia Purple Stripe

Plus some other goodies. Those are just teasers.


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I hope all the Mother's we have had a great Mother's Day.

I thought I would post a few things I have that I am gonna have if anyone wants them.

I have some:
Wild Daffodils (yellow blooming singles)
Orange Daylilies, they are the ditch lilies if you want any there here.
Purple Iris tubers
Unknown Canna tubers
Palace Purple Heuchera (2)
Noid Sedum

That is all I can think of right now. I guess you will just have to come and see what else will be here.

:) Fran

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I'll see if I can't find something. I do have a few of those pink Sedum I rooted over winter and you brought me something when you came over... that Sedum Makinoi.. I rooted a bunch of that and now have like.. twice as much. I have a few stringy white and pink dianthus cuttings rooted from over winter.. and maybe a few other things I am not thinking of. I have a lavender purple butterfly bush cutting but I don't know the cultivar or anything.. just that it is purple..Got a rooted golden eunymous cutting...

I do have a small rooted cutting of that silver queen dichondra you were admiring while you were here. It is small but it grows fast.

I need the address though.

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Guessing by looking through images online...I don't KNOW that these are correct names but just putting out something to give a visual of what they look like..

Sedum makinoi 'Limelight'
Sedum Stonecrop (still no name. Flowers very pale pink and kind of look a little lavender late summer to fall and the flowers do not get darker, if anything they fade a little so it isn't autumn joy...)
Dianthus chinensis 'Floral Lace Picotee'
Dichondra 'Silver Falls'
Euonymus japonica, Golden Euonymus
Buddleia davidii 'Butterfly Heaven'

Too, I wanted to add, I have a nut grass, mint, and ant infestation. I also managed to transfer some other aggressive weeds I have never seen into the yard last year. It is so bad that I can't even transfer things from one place to another in my own yard without making it worse. It is so frustrating I feel like setting it all on fire and starting over LOL. All of the things I have to bring, however, are from cuttings that I took and cultivated in the greenhouse in new potting soil and sand. I don't use chemicals in the yard but I will blast them with liquid sevin in the greenhouse without remorse or regret so all of those things should be bug and weed free...

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Hey Tina,
I emailed you back.

Yes, we have those blasted ants too, I can't STAND them that are terrible.

I will be making BAKED BEANS for LUNCH and I think since no more are coming then this I will end it around 2 pm, no point in dragging it out for a handful of folks. Although we can sit an chat as long as anyone wants too, I like to talk LOL.

If you want to come for lunch then please bring whatever you feel comfortable bringing. I don't really have a grill so we can't grill out.
Some pick ups or something that would be ok too someone might want to bring some plates and spoons or something. I am not sure if I have enough of those.
AND DO NOT FORGOT TO BRING YOURSELF something to drink, or some to share IF you want too but DO pick up something for yourself. I plan on having a gallon of Sweet Tea made.

OK I THINK I have covered everything. IF I remember anything else I will post.
:) Fran

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Can someone send me the location and time? I have a few plants in small quantities; might be able to get a few more:
purple phlox
stella d'oro day lillies
lenten roses (white)
purple and white irisis
varigated ribbon grass
Spiderwort (lots of people think it's a weed, but I love it)
I have a small nandina if someone wants it, but won't dig it unless there's a request. Also... Monkey grass and mondo grass!

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Hello everyone, again let me say do not forget to bring a chair of some sort IF you have one, I am very limited in sitting items.

I don't think I will be making the baked beans, I will have to wait and see if I have time.

Judy, I emailed you the directions.

If you are coming for lunch please let me know.

Tiny, I emailed you my correct info LOL, if I don't hear from you by tonight I will send easy to follow directions.

Fcoffill emailed me this morning letting me know she can not come because she has a family emergency that requires her to be near her phone.

Ok well, there are a few of us who will be here. I am sure it will be fun.

:) Fran

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