Is there any carnivorous plant that will grow in zone 5

cgardengalApril 4, 2007

I would love to grow some of these in my garden. Are there any that you could suggest that would grow outside in zone 5 without bringing them in for the winter?

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You should be able to grow most American pitcher plants in Zone 5. You may need to mulch them for the winter, though.

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Lets see... drosera rotundifolia should survive zone 5. I think about anything you'd grow in zone 5 outdoors would need winter dormancy.

Ok, I'm assuming you know this already but just in case I'd like to point this out before you buy plants. If you do buy cps for your garden, they will have special soil requirements.

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Sarracenia purpurea purpurea (NORTHERN purple pitcher plant)

It is the provincial flower of Newfoundland so if it can survive up there, it can survive in your yard.

D. intermedia too although I think that there are temperate versions of that one. There are some bladderworts and pings too I think.

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