Sphagnum Moss Mutation?

mildewApril 23, 2014

Can sphagnum moss mutate? Or does it have to do with growing conditions?

Got some live sphag about a month ago and decided to grow the left overs.

Placed in three different setups.

1: Under fluorescent light, 100% humidity. Grown on top of dead sphag.
2: In green house, various humidity levels. Grown on top of peat.
3: Open container, humidity what ever is outside. Grown on nothing. Some what flooded.

1: Is growing thin and stringy.
2: Grows well, some burnt tips.
3: Best looking out of the three. Strong looking.

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It's not mutation, this are moss that are growing in different conditions.

The 1st batch is probably not receiving enough light so it grows stringy. That is causing stress to the moss.

The 2nd batch why it's tips are burnt. There has to be more causes for it to have that condition. Is it experiencing hotter temperatures? Causing some stress?

The last batch is growing in open air in flooded conditions, something sphagnum moss normally encounter in nature.

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I've been noticing some of the shpagnum mot moss onto of my p plants soil is turning kinda green, is that mold, and is that bad? Should i take it off of my plants soil or will it not harm my plants?

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As of today I have dumped every other method of growing sphagnum, except for setup 3.

Flooded outside direct light works best for my conditions.


If the sphagnum you're using is the dried dead stuff, it's most likely just algae. I don't think sphagnum can mold.

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