WANTED: Raleigh Swap Details

trianglejohnApril 12, 2007

Here's the final details for the Raleigh 2007 Spring Swap

Saturday April 21st, 2007

Lake Crabtree Park

Whiteoak Shelter

From 12 noon til dusk

Swap and Picnic

How to get there:

I-40 between Durham and Raleigh, exit #285 (same exit for RDU Airport, marked as Airport Road or Aviation Parkway)

Turn South away from the airport - coming from the East (Raleigh) exit on your right, turn left and cross over the highway. Coming from the West (Durham) exit on your right and turn right (airport and highway behind you).

Go maybe a half a mile (or less) and turn into the park on your left. It is the only thing on the left side of the road, the park runs along beside the highway. Big sign out front that says "Lake Crabtree County Park".

There is one main road through the park. All the restricted roads come from the left. All the public roads head to the right. You want the third road that heads to the right, it goes to the fishing pier, a playground and Whiteoak Shelter. Whiteoak Shelter is closer to the main road, there is another shelter down by the lake shore. There are many small parking lots in the area.

There is a small parking lot for the Whiteoak Shelter. Playgrounds and bathrooms are nearby.

There is a charity event there in the morning and the park does not open to the public until noon. I wouldn't show up right at noon either just to be safe.

General swap will start at 2:00pm. Special Trades can take place at any time preferrably in the parking lot. I will bring some extra folding tables so that we can place food out of the way of the plants. Snacking and drinking are encouraged throughout the swap. Sit and talk gardening after the swap. We have the space until dusk which is way late so there is no need to hurry up and get out.

I encourage everyone attending to freely trade plants before the actuall swap. If you have something special and missed out on the "Special Trades" go ahead and make deals. Anything left over can be added to the general swap. The core idea of this activity is to trade plants with fellow gardeners. The general swap is open to anyone regardless if they bring plants or not.

Can't wait to see everyone again!


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Hi, I just stumbled on Gardenweb last weekend while searching for some ideas on woodland paths. I've been reading feverishly ever since! I'm in the Raleigh area & saw that there is a plant exchange this weekend at Lake Crabtree & was hoping some of you experienced swappers could give me some guidance so I'll know whether or not I should bring something (other than food!).

I've got some perennials that need to be split (day lilies, rudbeckia & lambs ear) as well as some evening primrose "volunteers". I also have a bridal wreath spirea that has a lot of new shoots that need to be dug up & relocated.

My problem is how prepared I need to be for the exchange? I didn't know about the swap until this past weekend so all my plants are still in the ground. Would anyone want these plants or do you guys prefer to have plants that have been repotted & been allowed to settle in after being divided? Do they need to be in pots or can I bring them in something less sturdy (grocery bags or cat litter buckets come to mind)?

I want to be sure I'm following the rules since I've never been to a plant swap before (except my MIL's house - which probably doesn't count) and I don't know any of you so would like to start off our friendship on the right foot!

Thanks for shedding some light!


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Hi Dawn -- You'll probably get many more welcomes, but since I'm a night owl, I'll be a first responder to put you at ease: You've got food? Plants in cat litter buckets? You'll fit right in. ;-)

Carla B.

p.s. you could probably bring food in cat litter buckets and get away with it. LOL.

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Hey with those cat litter buckets, you could have competed in the redneck planter contest we had last year! I always bring daylilies and cannas in plastic grocery bags and many of my things will have just been dug and potted up this week. One thing that is appreciated (but not mandatory) is to label your plants. No matter what kind of container you bring them in, it's nice to know what it is, although I guess some things are so obvious they don't need labels.

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aisgecko(7b Raleigh)

There are always a few new people that come so bring anything you've got and they are often happy to get it. The Raleigh swap is a casual affair so bring plants in whatever you can. I've not seen a lot of complainging about potting techniques or plant handling. Some things don't look so great right after potting but a little TLC will make them pop back into shape. I've picked up some pretty sorry looking plants at the swaps that jumped right back to life once they settled in here. Pre-arranged trades you might want to try and pot things up a little nicer (or provide a disclaimer) but for the most part we just go to have fun and share plants. It's amazing that after going for a few years I still find new jems to try. But I'd probably go even if I didn't just to hang out with cool like-minded people. And we all know John just goes for the food. I think he actually has grown every plant ever discovered anyways. -Ais.

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Tammy Kennedy

come on down, dawn! i thought i was done digging as of last night, but found yet another thing i need to dig today. and i'll be doing cuttings sat morn, so it can be last minute. like carla said, you'll fit right in. you'll love this crowd.

posting this here since it seems like the right place: wondering if anyone wants me to bring the name flags again this time. ais posted on the main thread asking, so i think i will bring them. i wasn't sure if there would be a place to use the stakes, but i'll bring the ones i have. several people took theirs home with them, and we gathered back up the rest. i'll bring a marker and the plain ones and if they're useful, we'll do that, and if not, we won't worry with it. the thing is, if it's at the shelter i think it is, the parking lots are surrounded by woods and there's not much edge on which to put the stakes. but i could be wrong, and hope i am. we'll have more time to preswap than in the past, which should be an asset. tam

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Bringing plants anyway you can is allowed. Some things get done at the last minute and we all know how that goes. Don't be shy - we're a rowdy bunch.

Even though some pretty fancy plants get exchanged at these events, you'd be surprised at how many people need the common stuf to fill in or expand their beds.

I draw the line at Poison Ivy (unless its variegated!)

Since this is our first swap at this park and the parking lot is smaller and has virtually no lawn space I have no idea how we will conduct "special trades" or even stashing our booty in the general swap. But we're creative, so I'm sure we will figure something out.

In the words of Saint Brenda, "Viva le Swap!"

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Welcome to all the newbies!!!!

If there isn't enough lawn space then maybe we should have our names on cardboard and put on the dash of our cars. The flags worked out perfectly last year. I thought that was a really great idea.

Ratgirl- I wondered how you were doing and if you were going to be able to make the swap. My yard is coming along nicely after being inspired by your yard. See you Saturday. Shannon/Dirtrx

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Tammy Kennedy

lol- maybe we'll tie our flags to our antennas! cardboard isn't a bad idea either. i'll bring them along in case they're useful.

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