D. capensis black leaves

goofy_507April 1, 2014

Hello everyone
I recently recieved a potted cape sundew from amazon.com on March 17th. Since I've had it, the tips of the juvenile and mature leaves have become black!! I placed it in and out of a "death cube" throughout the day for about a week in order to aid in acclimation. I currently water it daily with bottled water from the store, and temps in the house range between 65-75F. It currently doesn't recieve adequate lighting (bought a light today).Could it still be adjusting to the house? Is bottled water bad? Could it be sensitive to different water than it's used to? Poor lighting? I appreciate your help
---thnx, goofy

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Oh no!!! I just read the water bottle I was using!! It said in small text "purified with minerals added" I'm assuming this is the issue, but can a week really cause immediate damage? I was thinking that it was something that showed up after a month!

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