3 basals on Nep.Gentle

n.gentleApril 25, 2008

I had this Nep.Gentle since February 17th it only had two basals when I bought it one was small and the other is a bit bigger so right now it has three basals will this be fine on it so far the two bigger vines one 5 inches the other 3 1/2 inches.

So far it's growing pretty well specially that the suns comming out though recently one oe the newer leaves have yellow spots on it I'm not sure if it's because of the recent increase of lights or something else..

I'm going to repot it soon because the media seems to be just LFS and maybe peat which means it stays wetter more

right now it's in a 8 inch pot should I repot in the same pot or put it in a bigger pot like a 10 inch pot?

With it having three basals will it be fine or will they slow the main plant down and hurt it in the long run?

Sorry for asking so much I'm still pretty new with neps also sorry no pictures of it my computer is slow and it's very hard to load pictures on to the photo sites.

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Just guessing, but I'd think that a bigger pot would only encourage it to expand some more. I don't fret over basals, but then again maybe some neps are more prone to tiring from them.

Can you describe the conditions? What direction is the window facing?

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