I just purchase a Nepenthes Coccinea concerned about humidity

aprilsrain(6/PA)April 25, 2006

I just purchased a Pitcher Plant Nepenthes 'coccinea' and I'm concerned about the humidity level when the plant is outside.

I'm in zone 6A Southern York co PA

I thought maybe it would wourk out OK if I kept it near the waterfalls are of my garden pond. This area has a semi shade section.

What does anyone think. Imput would be greatly appreciated.

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Hi Aprilsrain,

Couldn't help noticing that you live not too far from where we just left - Reading, PA. even closer to you is the forum member called elgecko, who lives in Red Lion.

Elgecko and I (Steve) have visited one another 5X while I was living there and he grows his Neps (hamata and something else) in hanging baskets, in his kitchen, by sliding glass doors. The humidity the one day I visited was 35%. The plants thrive. I like the hanging basket or planter approach to Nepenthes and just water them everyday, allowing the water to drain out. How are you growing yours? Some people use the terrarium approach, but have to be cognizant of the mold issue and provide circulation. Another thing you could do is put the pot into a fish tank, on top of another pot, and have the tank paryially filled with water. This keeps humidity up and if uncovered, goes a step toward mold prevention.

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In reply to Petiolaris:
As a matter of fact I live very close to Red Lion and every a greater coincidence is the fact that my husband work in Red Lion.
As far as my pitcher plant I just purchased it , right now I'm planning on keeping it in my bathroom (shower steam) until I can hang it by the pond. I too have my pitcher plant planted in a hanging basket.
I definately will be careful of mold(yuck)

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What a coincidence... that's exactly where I have had my Neps, for a time. They're currently n my attic, but I need find a container that fits the contours of the bathroom sill.

Anyways, if you go from inside to outside, do it slowly. They "burn" with direct sunlight. I speak from experience!

Well, if you happen to run into a guy with dark hair and blue eyes (looks a lot like the Clark Kent character from Smallville) , answering to the name of Steve Swartz... tell him I said hello. You maybe interested in the Southeast Pennsylvania Carnivorous Plants Society (SEPACPS):


Here is a link that might be useful: SEPACPS

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Hey, that's me.
I'm sitting here trying to figure out who this petiolaris person is. Oh it's that crazy jimscott guy.
How are you doing?

Anyway, as Jim mentioned I do grow my plants inside year round at a sliding glass door.
I did start out by placing them outside spring to fall but neps do not seem to like change that much from inside to outside growing conditions and I just leave them inside now.

Heres a pic of the growing area.

And conditions:
Winter humidity: 30 - 50% (lower humidity in the day. Furnace does not run much, sun shines in the room where I grow the plants. I have a humidifier on my furnace set to around 45%)

Winter / Fall temps: I keep the house cool. Heat set to around 63 degrees. (humidified air feels warmer then dry air) During the day it can hit mid 70's with the sun shinning in the room where I grow the hamata. Nights can drop to low 60's.

Spring / Summer / Fall humidity: 40 - high 80%. (Windows open and such)

Spring / Summer temps: I would say low 70's to mid 80's. (I usually have the A/C set around 74)

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Hey Steve.. hope I didn't do a TMI! The Ceph finally croaked, but I have 5 of its winter leaves in swampy, live LFS. The ventrata is pitchering and the Sarracenia has a bunch of new growth points.

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nerum(z6 NJ)


I recently inhereted one of these plants and have it sitting in Scotts potting soil. Could you please tell me what media you use when you are repotting your plants, they are very impressive.

(oh, and how often do you repot them?)

Thank you,

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