liatris ligulistylis sale! for monarchs

coolbutterfly(5A)September 2, 2011

this goes through labor day. great deal on plants. not sure how much shipping is. I bought mine through prairie nursery a few springs ago and they are a reliable nursery.

I have transplanted liatris in the fall and it has always grown back. good luck!

it says up to zone 6 but I have read zone 8 elsewhere. Also, we experienced our 4th hottest July on record and ours grew just fine. very hearty once established

Here is a link that might be useful: Liatris Ligulistylis plants

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I just realized, I got my plants from prairie MOON nursery...not the same one. I think prairie nursery is supposed to be reputable. maybe someone could share their experience?

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docmom_gw Zone 5 MI(5)

Prairie Nursery is also a very reputable and reliable source for native plants and seeds. I've been buying from then for years and have had very good luck.


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terrene(5b MA)

I've purchased from both and got them mixed up in the beginning too! I got seeds from Prairie nursery a few years ago, the seeds had excellent germination and very generous quantities. I can't speak for plants, but that is a good price for small pots. How do you know it's on sale though?

I may consider purchasing some, since I had half a dozen plants that I started from seed several years ago, but have experienced terrible die back in the plants this year. This is probably because I transplanted them late in the Spring and they didn't respond well to that. They would be easy to start from seed again, but IME it takes at least 2 years to get a blooming plant.

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Terrene, sorry to hear about your plants dying back this year.

The reason I know it's on sale is because I received an email from them saying prices good through labor day. I don't remember ever buying anything through them but I guess it's possible??

2.99 is cheap for potted plants and I would think if you planted them this fall, you should actually get blooms in 2012!

Now that I've experienced LL magic first hand, I could never go through the agony of waiting for plants from seed unless it was just to supplement my patch.

For those of you who are impatient, it's an option... Tony

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