WANTED: Anyone out there interested in swap in Charlotte

momof2boys_wvApril 3, 2006

I was just wondering if anybody wanted to do a swap in Charlotte. I was thinking some time in Mid May at Reedy Creek Park. If so post and We'll see what happens. Thanks Jennifer

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I would love that! Count me in!


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I would not be able to come May 6th (have a amateur radio festival) or May 13th (Ashdown Roses has their Mother's Day festival that day, but would be interested in later in the month.

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It would be fine with me to do it later in the month. I have had one other person say they would be interesed. Maybe I will post it in the plant exchange. I think this would be alot of fun nothing formal. So let people know.

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seedbandito(7 NC)

Jennifer, gosh, sorry I missed this post! (been real busy). count me in! I'll email a couple others of this post who'd probably be interested, too! LMK.


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rosebush(z7 NC)

Might want to come to this as I will have lots of leftover seedlings. Please email more details when you have them. Not crazy about Charlotte traffic, but if someone gives me directions maybe I'll take the plunge. LOL! I'm in Hickory.

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I just found this string. I am interested, too.

We tried a Charlotte area swap about 3 years ago, and there were only 3 of us who showed up.

Hard to get folks together here.

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Hey just newly joined. Would love to come to the swap. Unfortuantely, I am a newbie gardener with nothing to trade. Just finished amending the wonderful gardening soil we have around this area (yikes). If I could get my poor seedlings in the ground I may have something to trade by the end of May.

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OK, this is great. I was thinking June 3rd. How does this date sound? Chavez come on I have stuff to share with you. I can email folks directions. Just fire me an email and I will see if I can help. I was thinking We could bring some soda and chips and call it that? Sound good? If you guys would let me know we will go from there.

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Oh no! June 3 won't work for me. I am so bummed. I really want to go, but I know how hard these things are to organize. If it works for others...then I understand. I will be sad to miss! I have lots to trade and share. Newbees...please don't worry about not having much to share. Plenty of people have plants they just want to find a good home for...sort of like kittens!

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seedbandito(7 NC)

Jennifer, I'm pretty flexible.... so what ever date you come up would be great.


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Even though I live a ways a way, I'll come just because I would love to swap with you all. I propagate so much that I have more than I can enjoy. If you decide on a date, count me in. Even with the price of gas, I love being able to talk with those who garden in solitary (umm isn't that all of us?) and would like to just yak about plants and how they work or don't in thier portion of the world.

Nancy the nancedar

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seedbandito(7 NC)

Shall we start our want's & have's lists for some pre-arranged trades? Here's a link to my exchange page. I've updated all the plants I have to trade. I'll also trade for plants on my "seeds wanted list". Am looking forward to meetin you folks! Have a great day ya'll.


Here is a link that might be useful: Seedbandito's exchange list

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sunshinysmile(7 Piedmont Triad NC)

Count me in...I am a newby. If my some of my seedlings make it I will pile up the car....how do you transport seedlings for swap? wrap in wet paper towels? and then in newpaper or plastic? Help...clueless.


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seedbandito(7 NC)

Mia, run down to Family $ store & buy their styrofoam cups, 30 for $1 & transplant those seedlings into them. Then you can write on the cups with a marker what they are. They'll have room to grow before they need transplanted again.


P.S. Don't forget to poke a few holes in the bottom of the cup with a pencil

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dtpforu(7a NC)

I would be interested in a swap in Charlotte. That would be fun. I've been going to the Garner (Raleigh) swap now for the past 3 years and I think it would be fun to meet some new people from a little further south. I'm in Winston Salem which is zone 7a (although some people insist it's zone 7b). Either way, I try and push the envelope on some things and try to grow them here.

I will also tell you that nancedar is a wonderful and generous person and Nancy, if you get to go, I'd love to hook up with you again. Thanks for giving Rootdigger my plants. I completely forgot about them. I'll try to bring Angie with me again as she really didn't get to look at plants at the Garner swap because she was cooking. (I got some for her).

I have some butterfly ginger and rice paper plant. Some of the ones I took to the swap last weekend kind of wilted down, but they'll come back out - and then some. I also have some evening Primrose, and some white and some pink Obedient plant. I may have some more irises later, too. I need to clean up another one of my beds.

I may also need to thin out some of my dayliles, so Nancy, if I do, I'll be sure to let you know. I hope all that you got at this swap do well for you.

OK, guys, lets do it!


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rootdiggernc(Z-7A NC)

Vickie (got your note), Not sure if I can bring our official enabler and I am buried in plants right now, but IF I can get what I have in the ground (hint, hint), I can dig and divide some things to bring.

Jennifer, how are you going to do this one ...ala Raleigh style or what?

I'm digging and moving some perennial ageratum today. Gets a couple feet tall and beautiful powder blue (glows in the moonlight) that blooms late summer and fall. I know I can bring some of that if I can make it. If not, I'll be sure and send some things with Vickie.

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Ok, so it looks like June 3rd is fine with most everyone. So that is the date we will set. I have never done this before so if anyone has suggestions I am all ears. I was thinking nothing formal and yes lets start listing what we will be bringing that way folks have an idea. Ok so I will start. So far I have Lots of Iris's several different types and colors. Tons of Sundrops. Also some Cedar trees about 1 foot tall. Lamium a few different types. A white dogwood that is about 3 feet tall. Really nice shaped. It needs a good home. I have lots of seeds started and if all works with them I will have lots of different Tomotoes and more flowers than I will know what to do with. Too many to list. Really so there will be lots to share. If you are looking for something let me know I will see if I have it. Also I was thinking we could bring drinks and simple snacks. Sound Good? Now on to wants. Dptforu I would love some Rice paper Plant. And Rootdiggernc I would love some ageratum. I am looking for anything tropical that will grow well here. This is going to be a lot of fun. I can't wait to meet you all. Thanks Jennifer

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seedbandito(7 NC)

Cool beans!!! I'll "scavange" my flower beds & make a list of all my plants I have to trade & post it later tonite.

I'm so looking forward to meeting you folks!!


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seedbandito(7 NC)

I've taken notes on what's outside in the greenhouse & what's growing in the gardens. I've had a great year WS & growing in the GH!

Agastache ÂTutti FruttiÂ
Blackcurrant Swirl Datura
Datura, white - 2 plants
Basil, Purple Ruffles
Braveheart Mallow
Chameleon plant - Houttuynia cordata
Chaste Tree - 1 or 2 plants
Clarkia Apple Blossom
Chocolate mint
Clematis, yellow - (seeds were from a trade) 1 plant
Crazy Daisy- Leucanthemum x super bum
Four o'clocks - white & yellows
Foxglove Alba Crème
Geum ÂLady Stratheden - 4 plants
Gloriosa Daisy
Heuchera ÂGreen Spice - 3 plants
Hollyhock, Peach
Hollyhock, Mystic Merlin
Hollyhock, Zebrina
Hollyhock, Braveheart
Hosta- unknown variety
Hyssop - white & lavender
Iris, yellow siberian (seeds from trade)
Lady Bells
LaurenÂs Grape poppy
Lavender angustifiolia - 2 plants
Lupine- mix
Lupine, The Governor
Lupine - Band of Nobles
Malva fastigiata
Malva Mauritiana
Mexican Hats
Motherwort - 1 plant
Nicotiana, white
Northern Sea Oats
Poppies, mix
Scabiosa, burgundy
Skullcap - 2 plants
Verbascum, mix
White Obedient
Yucca, red - Hesperaloe parviflora - 4 plants
Zantedeschia albomaculata - spotted white calla lily

The following are by request only (as they are still in the ground & need to be dug up)
Bee Balm, red
Bugleweed - Ajuga reptans (limited quantities)
Shasta Daisy
Mums - unknown colors (will root some ASAP)
Butterburr - Petasites japonica variegated (very limited! Special trade only)
Wild Columbine - Aquelegia Canadensis (very limited! )
Nora Barlow Columbine, pink -Aquilegia vulgaris cv. (very limited!)
Rose campion ÂAngels BlushÂ
Lavender/blue iris (will be good sized rhizomes)
Penstemon ÂHusker Red (limited quantities)
Lamb's Ears
English Ivy

Am looking for:

day lilies - have yellow & a couple named varieties
Black elephant ear
Dutchman's Pipe vine
Hedychiums, besides Elizabeth & White Butterfly
Oriental lilies
Sweet Autumn clematis
**Sedums, blackjack, autumn joy, purple emperor, neon, pink chablis, red cauli, crazy ruffles & frosty morn, Dragon's Blood**
Lamium, purple dragon, White Nancy
Hostas- Fire & Ice, Patriot, Remember Me,Revolution
White Monarda
Elegans Filipedula
Yucca, color guard
Blue Fortune Agastache
Red Fortune Agastache
Yellow Meadow Rue
Solomon's Seal
Cat's Whiskers
Agastache Apricot Sprite
Agastache Purple Pygmy
Black Cohosh
Black Beauty Sambucus
Spider lilies
Shade plants for under a huge oak tree
Golden Rain tree
Redbud tree
Flowering Cherry tree

Dptforu, I'd love some Paper Rice Plant, could I tempt you with something?


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dtpforu(7a NC)

Wow, Nancy, you do have some list. What kind of greenhouse do you have and where did you get it? That is my dream! When you say spider lilies, what do you mean? Do you mean Hymenocallis or Lycoris? I have Lycoris Radiata and could probably be persuaded to part with some as well as the Rice Paper plant. I also have some Tradescantia with the lime green leaves and purple flowers. I also have Cat Whiskers, but just got one plant of each of the white and purple. Maybe I can save you some seed if they do well for me. I also have daylilies, some red ones.

I would love to have some Lupine, any color besides white. I have that one. Scabiosa, burgundy would be nice, I love Scabiosa. Agastache ÂTutti FruttiÂ? I hear Agastache attracts Hummingbirds. Maybe some Petasites japonica?


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jooooo2(z7 NC)

Hi - I'm in Charlotte and would love to participate. Where are you'all meeting & what time? I have lots of goodies but there are some things that I do not no their names, largely because I have dug from (saved) old gardens where the house was being demolished. Should I just bring them unmarked. Jo

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rootdiggernc(Z-7A NC)

So far looks like I'll have some
Ageratum (hardy)
Hedychium - white butterfly ginger
Thai Poinsettia Peppers - just a few
purple basil
Begonia (hardy) I have pink and a paler alomost white, but not sure which is which until they bloom.
Allium tuberosum - Garlic Chives - will dig if someone wants them
Blackberry lilies (babies-just sown this spring)
Mini Iris (family passalong - old)
possibly some iris cristata
Fo-Ti cuttings - easy to root, I'll start some if anyone wants some.
will see what else I can add later.

witchazel - native
about any small understory trees, blooming and especially fragrant, also interested in small blooming bushes, edibles, herbs and tropicals that can stand some zone pushing.

Jenifer, I'll bring you a nice pot of the ageratum for the dogwood? PLMK

Nancy/Seedbandito, I'd love some Blackcurrant Swirl Datura. I'd also love some of the Lauren's Grape Poppy, but it probably wouldn't do well for me (insert sad face). What can I get you?

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seedbandito(7 NC)

Gosh, I keep forgetting I need to keep up with this thread!! Been soo busy lately!

Dptforu, I dug up a petesites, gosh they are so resentful!!! He looks fine in the am but come afternoon, he's flat as a pancake!! Mine did the same thing last year. I moved him 3 times & now he's happy & multiplying. (under a huge oak tree). I have some red lupine (from a trade) & a Sundown lupine (valueseeds.com) the band of nobles (also valueseeds.com) could be any of three colors. BTW, I am referring to the lycoris.

DH built a wood frame 10x12 GH covered in 6 ml plastic. This year he added on a 8x10 cold frame onto the side. GH is heated & vented & I absolutely love it! He's already plotting another, bigger one!

Rootdigger, I'd like some lamium maculatum Shell Pink if you can part with any. The laurens grape are thriving in these styrofoam cups, why wouldn't they do well for you? Or the hardy Ageratum.

We're getting closer aren't we? I'm so looking forward to it! My mom is heading down from PA for a 2 week visit on that day. She won't get here, she'll put down for the night up in Beckley, VA and finish driving down the day after the swap. The 620 miles is a long hike for her, she's pushing 78 I think. One of my brother's is coming with her. He can't help her drive as he has no legs. He said he could put his hand controls in easy enough, so I don't know if he will. I'm so looking forward to spending time with them. DH hasn't met this brother yet. Enjoy the rest of the day ya'll.


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I just lucked up on this Web Site and posing - - so I registered real fast!!! I would love to participate in the swap. Could you please confirm the time and location?
Unfortunately, IÂm not quite the gardener most of you are, but sure long to be. The things that I have available to swap are in small quantities:
- Siberian irises (purple blooms)
- Native (wild) orchids
- Native Solomon Seal
- Variegated Solomon Seal
- White Salvia
- Yarrow  pink to red in color
- Lily of the Valley
- Stella De Ora daylilies
- Other daylilies  better to offer these after bloom for color selection
- Spiderwort  some people think itÂs a weed  but I love it!
- Purple Phlox
- Chinese Foxglove
- Angel Wing Begonia
- Lenten Roses (little babies  may be better for the fall)
- Caladium and elephant ear bulbs (hope it's not too late to p[lant)
- Ground Covers  solid and variegated monkey grass, mondo grass, vinca (only bring if someone asks - - most foks have enough already)
***** All are in very limited quantities *****
I had some tree work this spring so now I have more sun in my yard. I am starting a new perennial bead and am in much need of new plants.
Nancy - I would love to have some Shasta daises  all mine have disappeared. IÂll be glad to come dig if you want me to.

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Hi, I tried to post here before, but I guess it didn't work. I would like to possibly attend the swap in Charlotte if it's still happening and open. I am trying to get together people for a swap in the W-S Triad area and don't want to conflict with the date of this swap. My trade list is up to date also-Thanks-Kara

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TerryArn(7 NC)

It's been a while since I've been on the computer and decided to see what was going on in plant exchanges. I was so excited to see this swap at Reedy Creek. I'd love to come join y'all. I know it's June 3rd, but didn't see what time. Please fill in on the details.

I've never been to a swap before, is there somewhere that the procedures are posted so I'll know what is expected?

I can bring oxalis, siberian iris, iris, nandina bushes, pink yarrow, rose of sharon bush, maybe others.

Does anybody have peonies, coral bells, pineapple mint, rosemary, lavender, old fashioned flowers?

I've only been gardening for a short while, but love it--except for all the weeding!

Take care,
TerryArn aka GrinninGrammy

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Hi Guys,

Sorry it has been awhile since I got on. The swap is at Reedy Creek park I was thinking around 9-10 in the morning. Before it gets to hot. On June 3rd.

Rootdigger the Dogwood is yours. I would love some Begonia as well.

I will have a whole car load of stuff including some peonies for you terryarn.

This is nothing formal just come as you are and plan to have a good time. I can't wait. See ya there. Jennifer

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rootdiggernc(Z-7A NC)

Have some bad news. Some stuff going on around here and I won't be able to make this swap. Hate it cause these things are always so much fun, but can't be helped. Hope you all have a good time!!

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TerryArn(7 NC)

Hi! Well, our swap is only a few short days away! Is everybody ready?

Momof2, thanks for bringing peonies for me.

I'm gonna start getting my stuff ready for Saturday. Hope to see lots of you there! Maybe we should have a roll call for who is planning to be there. Let's hear from you--
TerryArn will be there 10:00 -how 'bout you?

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Ok, I will be there around 9:30 I thought we could all meet at the begining of the park. Also I have wonderful news. We have been envited to go to a fellow members house and dig. She has lots of flowers all different kinds. Esp. Iris's and daylily's. So bring your shovels and get ready to work. lol It will be alot of fun and she lives just minutes from the park. The other good thing about this is the flowers will be fresh from the yard. I can't wait to meet you all and if everyone will let us know you are coming that will be helpful. Thanks see ya there. Jennifer

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seedbandito(7 NC)

I'm still in!! DH is looking forward to it, too!! (hope that's ok) I'll be so glad to drag all these plants out of the GH so I can shut it down for the summer. Keeping everything hydrated in this heat is really tough.

Babylou, I'd love some Stella De Oro day lilies for the shastas, if that's do-able.

Dptforu, your Petisites is not quite as "angry". I've been keeping an attentive eye on him! I've found they like shade & moist soil. He'll get droopy & let you know.

Am getting excited about the swap!! Looking forward to meeting our small group! See ya'll soon.


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I'm still planning to come. I started digging/potting some plants Saturday and although I have kept them in shade and watered they look so wilted. I'm hoping they'll recover before Saturday. I may not get ther before 10:00. Anyone interested in car pooling from Gaston County, let me know.

Seedbandito - I'll dig the Stella De Oro day lilies Saturday morning so they'll be fresh.

I am so looking forward to this. If something comes up that I can't make it, I'll update the post.


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dutchgirl_z7(z5 Ontario)

I am truly bummed...I just saw this thread today! I would love to join this swap, but just can't juggle it with all I need to get done...plus, I'd have to spend all night digging things up to bring. Anywho, I would be interested next time!

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TerryArn(7 NC)

Hey Ya'll,
I don't think I'm going to get to come to the plant swap in the morning :( I think I must have some kind of stomach virus and don't want to share that while we share our plants! You all might not like me if you took home my bug with your flowers!

I have stuff in pots that I did earlier and kept hoping that I'd feel better today to get other stuff gathered up--but I wasn't able to get out to the yard. I can let you all know if you want to get together again later. Maybe we could have a garden party at my house and I could share my goodies then.

Momof2, thanks for saving peonies for me. If you would continue to hold them, I'd love to pick them up from you later. If there are flowers left to share at the swap, I'd love for you to gather a few in a box for me to pick up when I get the peonies.

I was so looking forward to meeting fellow gardeners and making some new friends. Oh well, another time!

Ya'll take care and I hope to meet you soon. You sound like a fun bunch.


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dottie_in_charlotte(z7-8 NC)

Darn, I just found this thread.
I can make it but no time to pot up anything. (it's close to 1AM day of). Maybe I'll snag a couple of coleus and purslane yet to get in the ground. Mostly want to meet folks.

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just found the thread. had thought about doing a small swap with some friends closer to fall. how did the swap go? good turn out? any tips for having a swap?

thought for my swap we'd meet two times. the first to show pics of plants avail to trade and the second to actually trade the plants. any thoughts on that?

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MAN, HOW DID I MISS THIS ONE? I am SOOOO BUMMED. I wish I would have seen it sooner I would have been on it!

I hope someone else will do one in the fall too. I am planning on having another one in my area again too in the fall.

Anyway I will be looking for another one later on!

Hope it all went well, man I hate I didn't see this until now.
See, I don't come over here that often anymore, I haunt the Round Robin Fourm everyday guess I need to check here at least once a week huh?

:) Fran

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I found this old string and wondered if there are folks in charlotte area who are interested in a fall swap in mid September or thereabouts.This could include veggie starts for the fall garden as well as plant divisions from the perennial collections, bulbs, seeds, etc.

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