Is mixing artificial light and sun light a good idea?

Chompz(7)April 9, 2014

Due to a squirrel problem in my yard in recent attempts I've been forced to have my plant under a 26f bulb in the house until i get home from work. It spends roughly 8 hrs(6a.m.-2 p.m.) this way and then the rest of the day outside. My question is will the mixture of fluorescent light and direct sun light stress the plant, and should I get a stronger bulb if not. Everyone seems wise on this site so im sure I'll get a good answer.

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I'm not really sure to be honest... I myself do keep some plants indoors during harsher weather but what I do is keep them near a bright window and provide artificial light via a timer when the window isn't as bright as it could be. Generally early am and late pm.

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Won't hurt but make a small cage to put over it and get it back outside full time.

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I think it's not the light that would affect it but the difference in being indoors and outdoors.

Indoors - certain constant temperature, no wind, probably fairly constant humidity
Outdoors - temperature changes, wind, bugs (yummy but they could have negative effect also)

Once you have time, rigging up some protection for the plant from the squirrels may help the plant adjust and grow better (though we probably can't tell the difference in about 1-2 weeks time)

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I took the advice of tommyr and found some construction fence laying around. Not the best looking but very effective and the plant is very active outside, even the smallest of the traps!

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Main thing outside is to just get it off the ground

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