have: charleston, sc 5th annual plant swap

cactusrequiemApril 3, 2008

It's that time again folks! Charleston South Carolina 5th Annual Plant Swap. I can't believe this is our 5th year already!!

So without any further ado:



MAY 10th, 10am set-up and browse....11am swap...imediately afterwards...LUNCH!

This year we are having it at Park Circle in North Charleston, by the Gazebo. There are picnic tables, bathrooms and LOTS of room for kids to play and even more room for plants, parking and food. I know we had a little problem last year with Restrooms, I am going to have a chat with North Charleston Rec. Department and hopefully have THAT rectified..

Pretty much everybody in Charleston is familiar with Park Circle....there are numerous ways to get to it, depending on which way you are coming. If you want or need directions you can leave a posting, I will get it and respond ASAP.

The way we swap will be the same... the basic Free For All. I will say go, everybody will grab ONE (1) plant and take it to their hiding area. After everybody has a plant, we repeat the process. Nice and Simple!

We will have plates and napkins and such, Please bring your own drinks and food for as many as you can. We like to do a Pot Luck style picnic and encourage everybody to stick around and participate. The socializing afterwards is as much fun as the swap itself, please try to give yourself enough time to stay and enjoy yourself!

Please post here also if you know what you are going to bring. We won't end up with 15 types of Potato Salad that way.

If you have any other questions, please feel free to ask.

I always hope to double the previous years attendance, I believe we had 18 show up and well over 300 plants last year. Tell your friends, neighbors and anybody else you can think of....2008 will be the best Plant Swap YET in Charleston!

If you have a specific plant you want or have, feel free to post it here and we can set up the special swaps earlier, maybe at 10:30.

Happy Growing Folks! Get those seedlings and cuttings started!


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This sounds like lots of fun. But is it normal for anybody to just show up? I'm not from the area, about an hour. But it sounds like lots of fun. So you bring a plant in a pot and something for lunch? Thanks.

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Hey Brookiejunk,
YES! Anybody can come. If you are an hour or so away, you might want to bring numerous plants and really make it worth your while.
Food is optional, but it is as much fun, if not more fun, than the swap itself!
Where are you coming in from?

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I am so excited! I thought the closest swap was in Raleigh! I live in Yemassee and WILL attend on the tenth! I know I have some altheas (pink I think), heuchera (purple and chartreuce), iris (unknown at this time), canna( indian shot.) I'll see what else I have that I can divide or root in time. I can probably bring a jambalya type dish. Let me know if anything else is needed. Also, can you please send directions from Hwy 17? Thanks.

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Bump this puppy back up!
Keith, I will send you an e-mail.
If you don't get the e-mail, directions for you are REAL easy.
Take I-526 East towards Mt. Pleasant
Then take the North Rhett Exit (Don't know the number)
Turn right at the bottom of the ramp
North Rhett will basically dead end AT Park Circle. You should actually be able to see the gazebo when you get to the circle.

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I know there are more people that want to see this!

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Thanks so much Darren. I look forward to meeting other plant nuts like me.

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Hey Keith,
Looking forward to meeting you.
Can't wait, only 20 more days....Bring on the swap!

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Joyce Knight

Hi Darren, I just live up the road in Goose Creek. I hope to be able to make it to the swap this year. I have lots of plant starts that I can bring. I look forward to meeting new gardening friends. Joyce

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