Long-Tailed Skippers

MissButterfly(Z8/9MS)September 23, 2011

Has anybody seen a long-tailed skipper this year? I haven't seen a single one. I usually see the adults and find a few cats on the Desmodium paniculata that grows here.

I know they're a problem on farmer's beans, so I hope they haven't completely eradicated them - they're so cute!

Old picture -


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Nice photo!
When I lived in south Florida I always found the cats on my blue butterfly pea vines. Now that I'm in North Carolina, I've found a few on my Desmodium canadense, but none so far on the pea vines. Now I find these cats on my butterfly vines (Clitorea ternatea). Somehow, I suspect they are up to no good...

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Hmmm.....your picture doesn't look like a long-tailed skipper. Maybe that's what they look like in their early instars?
Here's an old picture of a late instar LTS skipper cat -


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I'm raising it in captivity, so time will tell. Your photos are what I remember the genuine LTS looking like.

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I finally saw my first long-tailed skipper of the year this afternoon. I tried to get a good picture of it, but it kept skipping around, not staying on one flower cluster long enough for me to get a good one. This is all I could get, but I'm certainly glad to know that they still exist!

The desmodium is all in bloom, so, hopefully, if this is a female, I'll get some eggs and cats. I don't think it is, though, I think it's a male.


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