Trap waste removal?

Chompz(7)April 14, 2014

So my 2 plants are eating equally on the same pot and look healthier after making them outside only but that raises the question of do the carcasses of bugs effect the health of the plant if they are stuck in the trap? If so, what can be done to remove said waste if nature doesn't intervene?

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dethcheez(Sunny SoCal Z10)

They're just fine...

Just Let Them Be To Do Their Thing...
Some of the harder exoskeletons parts of insects wont dissolve 100% in the traps...

Just part of nature
it's all good
Just let them be

That's If I Understand Your Question Correctly


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Yup, leave things alone! Nature knows what she is doing.

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If they are outside, the wind or rain will eventually remove them (And on that note, I guess you could lightly blow on the leaf, without triggering the closing, and see if it helps move the carcass)

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Photo Synthesis

It's perfectly fine to just leave them as they are. It won't affect them one bit. But if you wanna remove them for aesthetic reasons, there is a way to do it without inadvertently triggering the traps. One trick I've learned is to use a spray bottle full of distilled/rainwater. Adjust the nozzle so it sprays a fine mist and spray the trap really good. Give it a few minutes to loosen the bug from the trap, and then spray again to kind of wash the dead bug out, just like the rain would do for it out in the wild. It's not 100% foolproof, but it does work for me almost every single time. I do this right as the trap begins opening back up, before its had time to reset. To minimize the risk of it snapping shut. :)

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