Octopus Plants

kleepattenApril 6, 2014

Hi--So, anyone have great success reviving what was a great little carnivorous plant, but was then nearly killed by family members when I went on business travel? It has teeny tiny little green sprouts, but most of it is likely dead. How can I help it recover its former beautiful (albeit small) self? Should I trim it, transplant it, and go from there, or leave as is? If transplanting, should I throw it in succulent soils and cover with plenty of peat moss?

Please advise!!

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I cannot remember the name of the wholesale nursery that sells their sundew under the brand name octopus plant. But your octopus plant is most likely Drosera capensis, the narrow leaf variety if I'm not mistaken. Also known as cape sundew

Your plant, if it has tiny sprouts, it means your plant is still alive. So what happened that it was nearly killed?

First trim all the dead leaves, don't cut the rhizome, that could be alive still. Now transplanting...

I would only recommend transplanting it if the media was watered with regular tap water. If not, keep it in its pot.

But if you are going to transplant it because it's original soil was contaminated. Than don't use cactus soil if that's what you mean by "succulent soils", it's rich with mineral. Don't use regular potting soil either.

Mix one part sphagnum peat moss & one part perlite, make sure it hasn't been fortified with wetting agent or fertilizer. Try using a larger pot then the one it came with, capensis have long trailing roots. Set pot on a dish & water with distilled water (be careful, I've seen brands that add minerals to flavor it, they are missing the point why it has to be distilled).

I don't put my capensis in a terrarium, I place it in the most brightest room in the house, making sure the soil is kept moist, the pot sitting in water in dish helps.

But like I said, it depends what condition the soil it came it, is right now. How was your plant damaged?

It will take up to 5 months to return back to its original form.

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Oh man! Don't worry, I'm dealing with the same thing with the same plant. The thing will likely be alright. Hunterkiller is right though-water means everything!

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