wanted: have: lots of gilbert wild hostas (100/$100 mix extras)

agathawords(7)May 28, 2009

Newbie here who has ambitiously ordered the 100 hostas/$100 deal from Gilbert Wild, as recommended elsewhere on the site.

I know I'll have extras, though, and I am hoping to fill in this perennial shade garden with some ferns (any kind), lady's mantle, heuchera, ornamental grasses-- from what I hear, the standard stuff for a shade bed. It will be framed by Anabelle and variegated hydrangea. I'd also be open to suggestions-- though I am imagining a simple scheme of greens, whites, and golds.

My trade list is updated and I'd love anything on it as well. I'd be happy to send you extra hostas if you'll give me planting and/or packaging advice (Durham area)-- this is my first trade, and I want to be a good GardenWebber :)

Thanks all.

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I have some silver thyme and also, if you are interested in others not on your list, common thyme, and golden variegated thyme I can send some clumps of for you to root.

I have a ton of Hosta and nowhere to put anymore at the moment but wouldn't mind some Gardenia cuttings. I have never mailed cuttings but thotlz seems to have a good idea that sounds like it would work here:

Question about mailing cuttings

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I can also send some bleeding heart (dicentra) stem cuttings.

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Hi aezarien!

Thanks so much for your reply. I'm so sorry I haven't checked back-- was told we'd have wi-fi on vacation but had no reliable signal. Are you still interested?

If so, I'd love the thyme clumps... if you don't have them, I can certainly still send hosta! Again, not sure what varieties they are, but I certainly have a lot.

Unfortunately, to in the interest of full disclosure, they WERE left on my porch for about 2 weeks in their paper bags and paper shreddings... as I explain in the post in the hosta forum, we had a week of heavy rains, and then went on the vacation. (We'll see if the folks in the hosta forum seem to think they're still viable.... or do you have any ideas?)

Thanks again.

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I don't have any clumps started but it doesn't take much. They root fairly quick and easy.

And to correct my former post, it isn't variegated yellow thyme that I have, it is actually lemon thyme.

I'm actually not really too interested in Hosta at the moment. I have more of them here than I care for as it is. Most of my shade gardens are full of them and I would like to get rid of a few and replace them with other interesting things.

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