dionysus.godApril 11, 2007

i know that you are not supposed to give a CP any fertalizer, but it's pitures had to be cut off. so if i were to give it sparingly, would it be OK?

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If someone wanted to fertilize a Nepenthes, it should be done with a very dilute mix, down to 1/4 or less mixture of orchid fertlizer (blood meal type is good) at most once every 2 weeks to once a month and only by applying to the leaves with a damp cloth or cotton swab, one wipe on each leaf. Once it starts pitchering again, I would ditch the fertilizer and just let it eat insects. Better yet, give it a bit more light and wait a few weeks for it to adjust to lower humidity and temperature differences, those are likely what caused the pitchers to die back. Once it adjusts, it will pitcher normally unless something else is wrong in the environment.

As long as it's leaves look green and are not wilting, it is healthy enough for now.

It is far easier to kill a carnivorous plant with fertilizer than to have it live by getting too little to eat.

One more thing, be very careful with the soil... You do not want any fertilizer getting in the soil as that will burn and kill the roots, killing the plant in the process.

I have never had a need to fertilize my Nepenthes, but then mine came preadapted to lower humidity and gets good strong flourescent light (5-6 inches from 4 40 watt shop light tubes of the cool white variety), causing it to produce constant pitchers of larger size. It helps that it captures all the flies in the house too, something that probably causes envy in the Venus Fly Trap living right next to it.

Good luck with your plant.

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thank you very much

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Mix a 1/4 strength solution of Miracle Grow or a 10-10-10 or 20-20-20 and spray the LEAVES ONLY every 2 weeks during the main growing season.


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