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karyn1(7a)September 12, 2010

After at least 10 years of waiting to get GF's I finally found 3 newly hatched ones. I moved those to an enclosure because there's so many ants, wasps and tree frogs in the garden this year and after waitig so long I really want them to live. I have plenty of passiflora vines but will they pupate and eclose before it gets too cold?

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They should be fine, Karyn, and they'll pupate and eclose this year. They don't overwinter in our temperate zones.

Ten years! Wow, you did wait awhile before you got them. What PF are they on? I believe I recall you saying you had several different species.

BTW, the first bloom on my Calotropis gigantea opened this morning! They sure are stunning, aren't they?


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Congrats on the Crown Flower. I just love them. I have white and purple varieties but only the purples have bloomed so far.

I think it's an incarnata seedling. It's a small plant so I'll replace it with something else before they defoliate it. I probably have somewhere between 20 and 30 varieties of PF's. Most are suitable for the GF's but there's some I don't want them on.

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Karyn, 10 years!! thats a lifetime! GF's are fairly common where i live but i havent had them on my passifora edulis yet. Do you get them on passiflora edulis?

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