My Venus Fly Trap is dying. :/

luzsmilesApril 17, 2013

Hello everyone,
I'm totally new to growing plants and I really need help. So I had bought a Venus Fly trap at a museum and took it home with me. I put the pot in a little cup of water (filtered water because I didn't know it was not distilled) as it told me to and put it in my living room where it would get some sunlight. However, I had to head back to San Diego for school and couldn't take my plant back this time. I went back a week later, and it looked like this. The soil feels moist. And I was wondering if I would need to put new soil or if I just start watering distilled water and putting it in the sunlight if it would revive. I live in a dorm so my plant would be indoors at all times.
So if anyone could give me any tips on how to revive it I would deeply appreciate it!

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Throw it out and start over. First mistake is using filtered water. Second mistake keeping it inside. Get a new HEALTHY one but in the meantime Google Venus Flytrap care.

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I'm fairly new to this also but I don't think you should throw it out. I've talked to a lot of people and they say these plants are very tough. If I was you I would remove the plant from its current media and repot in long-fibered sphagnum, peat moss, peat-perlight, or a mix of all three and water with distilled or rainwater. It might pull through or it might not. The new growth suggests its not completely dead so it's worth a shot.

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It also looks saveable to me.
My advice would be to repot.
I keep my Venus fly traps in pure sphagnum. Home Depot carries a bag for$5.
For aesthetic reasons, and practicality, I like to keep my carnivorous plants in clear glass containers.
I've found that those small clear $4 fish bowls from Michaels make great containers.
It allows me to check the moisture levels at all times at a glance.
But it's not needed.
I personally use RODI water from a local fish store. but whatever you use make sure it's pure.
I water when the moss is damp but not dry.
Every month I drop about 3 pillbugs in each container and let them crawl into a random trap.
Lastly is light.
Fly traps like a lot of light.
I keep mine in full sun outside. They get 8 hours of direct sun.
So put them in the brightest spot available, and get a light.
I personally use the Jansjo desk reading lamp from Ikea.
it costs $8 and has worked for a variety of my growing needs.
a desk lamp with the right bulb works just as well.

anything else.... hmm... brightest spot, media, watering... Ooh. And I'm sure you know but they need a winter rest.

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My Venus flytrap is coming out of dormancy and I was wondering how much water I am supposted to be giving it, if there is a limit for when they first start coming out of dormancy. Also before it went into dormancy it started growing a flower stalk and I cut it off then it did it again and I cut it off and it went dormant now it is trying to come out and I have cut 3 more flowerstalks off! What is going on, it still looks sluggish and will not stop trying to produce flowers. Any advice? Thank you!

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Keep it in a shallow tray of distilled water or rainwater. If the plant is weak looking just keep cutting off the flower stalks. Slowly accustom it to full Sun OUTDOORS.

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