N. Miranda

sakmeht(Zone 6)April 4, 2007

Hey all,

I have a good size N. Miranda (leaves are about 6 inches long) that I took out of my terrarium, since it was getting a bit large. I have it hanging in a west facing window, which does get hot in the summer, but I have horizontal blinds that have a mesh material on either side of them that cuts the glare a bit. I'm watering twice a week (rainwater) and so far it looks good. I'm watching for leaf burn, and it only has one pitcher on it. It's got some others in the works and I'm watching them closely. There's a humidifier on a table below it and I mist it frequently throughout the day. Humidity is +/- 60%. Guess I'm just looking for re-assurance that the humidity and light is okay. I've got a shear curtain that I can always add in addition to the blinds if the light seems to be too much for it, too. The pic is a little on the dark side, just so you know.

Here's a pic of the plant: http://family.webshots.com/photo/2047883780066256599HebFXd

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Is west facing your only option?

Here is a link that might be useful: Aracknight's Deadly Delights

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sakmeht(Zone 6)

Well, no. I have no north or south facing windows... but I do have east. A guest room and toddlers room (upstairs) and three windows downstairs... problem is the downstairs windows have a porch outside, so those windows get maybe 2 hours of sun, tops. And if I have those windows open for light, the morning sun shines right on my 80 gallon terrarium. I'm thinking that 2 hours wouldn't be enough light, anyway. The upstairs east windows would be ideal if not for the fact that I'm hardly ever in the guest room and I can't have it in my daughters room. So, I'm stuck with west... I suppose I can always add some curtains/shears to cut down on light.

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Where do you live?

When I saw some giant mirandas at a local garden center, I called Sarracenia NW and drilled Jacob on growing environments to see if I could keep it alive. He said south or west window with west being preferred and no sheers or blinds or anything. I was told that putting it outside in the summer sun with the Ohio humidity level would give gome nice pitchers. I seem to remember passing mention of possible leaf burn but it didn't seem like a big concern.

Perhaps you could given them or California Carnivores (or any other nursery that you like) a call and get their advice. Maybe even all of them and find the common suggestions.

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sakmeht(Zone 6)

Hi, thanks for the reply... I live in the Boise Idaho area and the west sun coming through the windows, especially in the summer is pretty hot. And since the west side of our house gets really hot, we always have blinds on that side closed, except now I'll have the ones for the miranda open. I may take your suggestion and give Sarracenia NW a call and see what they say. I'm thinking that when the plant gets bigger and I can take cuttings, then I may experiment and try it outside in the summer... thing is it can get into the low 100's up here... humidity the last couple days has been about 25% and is usually low in the summer. We have gazebo attached to our back porch - there's a link below of what it looks like.

It lets diffused light through, but I'm not sure it would be enough. We also have a misting system (cheap) back there but I don't think my hubby would want it on all the time, especially for a plant! He rolls his eyes enough as it is, now!! LOL
Anyhoo, like I said, maybe I'll experiment with with some cuttings when they're established. I've really fallen in love with the upper pitchers that it puts out!

Here is a link that might be useful: Gazebo on the back of our house

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