Is this an Oak?

hoovb zone 9 sunset 23July 18, 2010

I tried the Name That Plant forum, but only got a tentative id...what do you think? Oak (Quercus agrifolia) seedling? There are some nearby. I'd love love love to have my own oak. We had one planted when we moved in, and it died. A seedling would be a delight, and it's even in a good location...

(the leaves look shiny because they are wet)

Thanks for looking!

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Yep, looks like Q. agrifolia. I've grown many of them from seed. Lucky you!

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I'm jealous. Would love to have one of those sprouting in my yard.

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hoovb zone 9 sunset 23

Thanks! That's great news. Now I hope it can grow unmolested by rabbits. I'll put a circle of wire fencing around it for some extra protection.

I've tried planting a few acorns in the yard. There's an oak in the neighbor's yard and I can get fresh acorns from there. I've gotten some sprouted, but then I read they like to start out in a shady area, not in full sun where I put them. They were fried pretty quickly in full sun, or eaten by rabbits.

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I have a creek full of coast live oaks on my property. The squirrels and birds plant the acorns for me in my pots! I have 2 right now that I planted out during the fall a couple of years ago that are doing quite well. Lots of volunteers coming up in my garden - including one that is now about 10 feet tall. I have them where I don't want them but there is no way I could pull them out or try to relocate them since they seem to want to be there! :-) My DH just shakes his head at me.

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I live and garden in a wooded area. Both the live oak and the black oak are a weed in my garden. I have offered one gallon seedlings for sale in non-profit plant sales, and with no takers, have stopped the practice. It seems most gardeners have no room for a well behaved live oak, so pliable it can even be grown as a hedge. Al

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