Nepenthes Rescue - Need Help

ariea1507April 6, 2014

First off, I am a novice when it comes to carnivorous plants.

So imagine my glee when I found a local grocery store that had Nepenthes for sale. Sadly they were over 60$... a steep price considering I could order online for much cheaper. But they were all dying. The pitchers were gone, the leaves were browning with brown splotches and the medium they were planted in was as hard as a rock. I grabbed one and managed to convince the store to give it to me for 5$, it was dying anyway and they would end up throwing them out. After giving it water for several weeks I started to see some new growth... but then it started to wilt. A friend of mine who is pretty advanced with plants said it may be suffering from root rot since they planted in what seemed like potting soil and some funky moss. Yup regular potting mix which might of had some fertilizer. It was best to get it out of the mystery dirt... And with my trusty book (The Savage Garden) I transplanted it. Its now in a Sphagnum moss/Orchid Bark mix. I've been making sure its kept moist but not sitting in water and I used one of my Orchid baskets to plant it in, since according to the book wooden orchid basics work well I figured why not a plastic one? But it's taken a turn for the worse... Now the whole plant is wilted and one leaf is turning a brownish yellow color. I've seen people mention super-thrive which I have but I'm unsure if that will help. Any advice on how to save my plant, granted I didn't spend much money on it but I would really love to see it become the beauty its meant to be not die because of a grocery store that didn't care.

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It seems to me that you need a change of potting medium, something that will retain moisture but still allows air movement. and keeping it in a humid environment under bright shade after re-potting will help in recovery.

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My advice would be to be incredibly patient. Do not give up on your plant. Follow through. I have one Nepenthes, but have not had any problems. But for all my other CP's, patience is incredibly good advice.

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I'm not an expert, but I have been growing a large one for over a year. They do not like to dry out which might have caused the problems you have. Also, be careful with fertilizer. I used orchid fertilizer with rain water.

I find if they dry out they will lose leaves. They seem tough and yours will bounce back. Give it bright light and fertilize lightly (1/2 dose). It should do fine.


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Iwould suggest some better medium, are the leaves crispy and brittle or are they soggy and saggy? Cause it might be over watered

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What kind of water does it get? How much light does it get? They need bright, indirect Sun.

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