WANTED: Source for Alfalfa Meal

ncgardner(7B)July 16, 2006

There have been many post concerning Alfalfa Meal or pellets for making the Alfalfa Tea. Could someone suggest a good place to purchase either the pellets or the meal in the Raleigh area. Also, is this the right time of year to start with the Alfalfa tea or should I wait till fall?

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I can't give you a source in Raleigh, though if you have a feed store nearby they carry it. I was always told not to put it out once we're within 6 weeks of frost because it would encourge new growth and frost could burn the plant. Do be careful as I burned a few plants pretty good with alfalfa tea (buddleia).

Good luck!


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Now is the time if you are going to. do not wait until fall. Probably any feed and seed store will have them. I put it on mine July 4th and had forgotten how really really really bad it smells since it had been a few years. Mine had been percolating about 7 or 8 weeks! You can scratch the meal or pellets straight into the soil. The tea just gets to the roots faster.

Heather, I am surprised you burned your buddleia with the tea! I didn't know you could do that!

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