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tophersmithJuly 26, 2009

OK so as you all know I have many different types of tropicals.

If you let me know early enough I can dig them and give the roots a chance to recover.

Email me your troical request and chances are I have it.

I am as always looking for hybids of daylily, Iris, large ferns, hosta, crinums, and a new one Echinacea aka coneflower.

If you live near Cary please feel free to swing by to see my collection and do some digging

See you all in about 3 months

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luciusnana(zone 7,NC)

i have some things you may want such as cacti and bromalaids, hostas, peppermint,yellow daylilies(tall ones) and sanseveria as well as others.If interested email me.Susan

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what is everyone looking for? I always have hydrangea 'Nikko' and the variegated lacecap. Foam flower of toad lilies? Natives? I'm bringing a friend interested in natives, so hope someone brings some. I have peanut butter trees (blooming now- smells like sweet butterfly ginger, of all thigs - guess I expected jelly!) - they-re invasive by suckering, but easy to pull up and good for some dry clay area. Cannas, salvia? Iris? No idea what to dig or root now.

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Hi, I live in Winston-Salem but I'm planning on coming to the Raleigh Plant Swap. What's the plant swap date? So I can put it on my calendar. I heard you guys have a really good swap. How many folks usually show up? Judy

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karen__w(z7 Durham, NC)

I've missed the last couple of swaps so I'm more than ready (as long as the date works out this year). Brenda, I'm always interested in tiarella seedlings. Your plants do great in my garden. Luciusnana, what broms and sans do you have to trade? I'm also curious about the tall yellow daylily. Topher, you have plenty on your list that I'm interested in, but I don't know if the converse is true.

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Do we have a date?

I have Crocosmia 'Lucifer' - oh lots of it, bags of it. I'm going to dig it all out, because it gets enough light in my garden to multiply like crazy but seldom bloom. Anyone want it, do you think, or should I compost it? I'm not looking for anything special this year. Always happy to receive a hardy salvia of Karen's. I'd love an Agastache -the rupestris looking type, not the honeybee one. The honeybee one is taking over my garden.

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And I have Japanese maple seedlings (open, Bloodgood), but will reserve those for special trades just because they will take a crazy amount of patience before they are garden size.

I'd like to go to WS or HP swaps too, but I'm not sure I understand dates for those either? And are both of them Raleigh-like swaps? Seems like one might be run by the MG? Are rules different?

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Hi Brenda,

The W-S Master Garden swap is 9/26 and the HP is 10/17. I've never been to the Raleigh swap but from talking with other gardeners the HP and W-S swaps are similar to the Raleigh swap. W-S will be the first time for me this year. Last year was their first swap. I'm also go to try to make the Raleigh swap, which I hear is great.

Anyhow, hope to see you there!! Judy

PS - You have some great plants listed on your page!!

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karen__w(z7 Durham, NC)

Brenda, I'm still figuring out which dates/swaps work for me, but if High Point turns out to be the one, I'd be interested in car pooling.

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You know, Rooty told me which date would work the best for the Raleigh swap but I don't remember which one it was! I'm guessing the Raleigh swap will be on Saturday Oct 10th which will not be late enough for folks to visit the state fair flower show but early enough to avoid first frost.

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rootdiggernc(Z-7A NC)

LOL John, I was just trying to fit everything in so we could come to yours!! I missed you all last spring! If you'd rather have the 17th that's fine with me, just let me know before I reserve the shelter. :)

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Is anyone bringing shade plants?

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Ralph Whisnant(z7b-8 NC)

The following is a partial list of things that I can bring to the swap. I am looking to replace my lemon thyme and would like some lime thyme if anyone has some they can spare.
1. Hibiscus acetasello 'Haight Ashbury' - very cold sensitive
2. Celandine poppy - good native shade plant, hardy
3. Arum italicum - another good shade plant but not native. Very hardy
3. Toad lilies including var. types, some in bloom/shade - hardy
4. Impatien arguta - shade. Hardy in ground in our area.
5. Hardy Begonia - shade. Hardy perennial - reseeds itself
6. Persicaria vir. 'Painter's Palette' Best in lgt shade - semi-hardy & reseeds itself.
7. Plectranthus hyb 'Mona Lavender' Part shade. Not hardy
8. Plectranthus Cuban Oregano - sun. Cold sensitive
9. Plectranthus coliodes - sun or shade. var green & white - not hardy

  1. Lemon Verbena (Aloysia triphylla) needs some winter protection. Has outstanding lemon scented leaves.
  2. Cilantro in cell-packs (4 or 6). Can grow all winter with minimum freeze protection.
  3. Salvia 'Lady in Red', Evolution, San Carlos Festival -full sun, fairly hardy.
  4. Lysimachia 'Outback Sunset' , Morn sun & moisture-Needs winter protection. Looks great with 'Lemon Coral' sedum.
  5. Angel trumpet 'Charles Grimaldi' Needs heavy mulch for cold protection if left in ground over winter.
  6. Elephant Ears Illustris, Fontanesii, others in spring
  7. Fig trees 'Celeste"
  8. Pineapple Guava - 2 year old plants in gallon pots
  9. Mexican Petunia - purple flowers, full sun, fairly hardy
  10. Ginger lilies. 'White Butterfly' and an unnamed variety with salmon colored flowers. Full sun, hardy
  11. Crossandra 'Sunset' - Have one to trade.
  12. Shrimp Plant (Justicia brandegeana) - one to trade
  13. Leaf lettuce that I can pot up in cell packs.
  14. I have lots of tender perennials that I am currently taking cuttings from to overwinter - if you are looking for something, ask if I have it.
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karen__w(z7 Durham, NC)

I'm still on the fence re:attendance this fall, but Ralph, I finally have the Salvia reptans 'West Texas form' cutting that I owe you from years past. For that alone I should make every effort. Brenda, would you be at all interested in a Podocarpus 'Maki' cutting? It should make a nice shrub by the time you retire. I can also bring you Salvia 'Henry Duelberg', again just a rooted cutting. This year I seem to have only propagated things I pruned or things the dog broke off. 'Henry D' was very much in the line of fire.

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Hi All,

Listed below are some plants that I'll bring to the swap. Let me know if you want to do a preswap.

Malvaceae - Houseplant
Glechoma hederacea- Variegata
Tropicana Canna
Saxifraga Stolonifera - strawberry begonia
Ledebournia socialis - a really neat houseplant with spotted foilage
Lemon Balm
White Phlox
& whatever else I can dig up.

Oh, and food (the kind you cook in your kitchen) of course. I'll bring a dessert and Olive Dip & crackers.

I'm looking for unusual hostas, venus fly trap, hardy cyclamen, Cleopatra Episcia Cupreata (I already have the plain Episcia Cupreata) if anyone should have for sharing.


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Ralph Whisnant(z7b-8 NC)

Judy, I am interested in your var. ground ivy and Scilla bulbs (Ledebounia). What can I bring you in return? Do you plant the latter outside in the summer and when does it bloom? How aggressively does the ground ivy spread? I might try it as a ground cover in a large pot of mixed silver plants.
Brenda, what is the botanical name for your peanut butter tree? Unfortunately, most of my shade plants that you do not already have are tender perennials that need to be brought in for the winter, but I will check your want list to see if I have anything that you are looking for.
Topher, are you interested in a Clerodendrum ugandense? I have one blooming in my garden and another in a gallon pot.

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Ralph - I'll bring you both - var. ground ivy & Ledebounia Socialis. The var. ground cover is new to me this year. I sat the small pot in the garden and it just took off from there. I'm not to sure how winter hardy it is. The Ledebounia Socialis is a houseplant, for sure- not winter hardy, but I bring it outside as soon as Spring gets here. It does have a yellow bloom on it if I'm remembering correctly. The foilage is spotted which is really neat. I notice that you had put scilla but it socialis.

I would love to have a Lady in Red Salvia. Thanks!!

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Ralph Whisnant(z7b-8 NC)

Judy, I have your Salvia 'Lady in Red" potted up and ready to go. Is there anything else that I can bring you?

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Hi Ralph, it's Clerodendron trichotomum. It spreads by suckering, but easy to pull up. Likes clay. Would like more sun than I have.

Hi Karen,
You're in for a Tiarella. What else? I can ferry things for you if you can't come.

Who did I miss?

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Oh, and

John, bringing your Lucifer (just 2 or 3 gobs) and blackberry lily

For jdbheartease, bringing rehemannia, tiarella, and maraschino slavia. I like anything variegated, hardy, and/or part-shade.

Out of town until day before swap, so if there's something else, I won't respond till then. Happy to dig more that morning.

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karen__w(z7 Durham, NC)

Brenda, thanks -- if I can't make it I'll bring stuff over to you after you get back in town. I should be able to take better stock this weekend to let you know what all I have to trade. I lost the Rehemannia you gave me last year so if you have another I'd like to try it again. Ralph, I'd love a pineapple guava -- I lost mine last winter.

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Tammy Kennedy

I haven't updated my lists and doubt i'll have time to, but there are always things i can dig last minute & bring. And i can always grab cuttings of stuff, so don't hesitate to ask if something didn't take before. I know i'll be bringing partly to mostly rooted cuttings of a bright pink/purple salvia, greggiii, i think, dicliptera, pink summer sage (not sure of the species), salvia uliginosa, salvia guaranitica black & blue, a hardy marigold- gets tall with very ferny foliage and tiny yellow flowers in fall, some dogwood seedlings, carolina jessamine seedlings, japanese climbing fern babies, and i don't know what else. I'll just keep my eyes peeled. I'll try to post if i find something i missed or something unusual.

Ralph, do you have any of the purple striped wandering jew that you had so much of last year? My hubby loves it and i have a bit left, but he'd love to tuck it into some pots of things for at the fair. If not, no biggie. I need to get more celandine for my woods, but if i don't have anything you want, i can get it in the general swap. I think i'll wait to get the asclepias currasavica (if you have it)til spring- they get terrible aphids for me in the hoopy in winter. I lost all my last batch when the hoopy dropped down into the 20's one night. One of the few things i lost, surprisingly.

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Hello Brenda,

How about a varigated vinca (with the large leaves) and a hellebores? I don't know the species of the hellebores but I call it the Tree Hellebores because it more up off the ground. It has has thin linear leaves. I think the flowers are are a burgandy rose color. Someone recently shared this plant with me and it was way more than what I could plant. Anyhow, I would be happy to share it with you. If I see anything else that I think yuou would be interested in I'll bring it to you. Thanks for sharing your plants in advance. Judy

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Ralph Whisnant(z7b-8 NC)

Karen, I will be glad to bring you a Pineapple Guava - do you want two to insure cross-pollination?
Tammy, I can quickly root several pieces of the Tradescantia for your husband. How many would he like?

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Tammy Kennedy

Ralph, thanks! Whatever you want to do. He can use a little or a lot. If you don't get to root it, cuttings would work great too; we can tuck them along the bottom of the big plants. What can i get you in return?

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Hi Brenda, I was looking at your plant page and saw that you have eyeball plants. If possible, I would like to get one from you. Also, do you have hardy cyclamen? I noticed that was on your wish list from 2008. I'm looking for hardy cyclamen as well. I've potted up some varigated money plant seedlings, tree hellebores and varigated vinca for you. Let me know if there is anything else you want. Judy

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woodsworm(7a NC)

I have a few of each of these for Raleigh:
tuberose (most or all is Mexican single)
(Calycanthus floridus) Sweet shrub, Carolina Allspice
(Clethra alnifolia) Sweet Pepperbush, Summer Sweet
lilac (just an old fashioned lilac lilac)

indoor winter: pink calla (seedlings, their first year)
indoor winter: episcia (orange)
indoor winter: streptocarpus "cape primrose" (I'm pretty sure it's "cape primrose")
indoor winter: cuttings of dependable, heavy blooming begonia (pink)with variegated green-red-white leaves

mucho seed of butterfly weed (asclepsia tuberosa)
mucho crocosmia (orange)

what I want: lycoris radicans (spider lily), daphne, any lily deer won't eat. (and a ticket to the moon, and my figure back.)

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Ralph Whisnant(z7b-8 NC)

Tammi, I have stuck aout 18 pieces of the Tricolored Tradescantia in a flat for your husband. If he is interested, I can bring some of the matching Sweet Potato vine that has green leaves with pink edges. It is growing out into the lawn and puts down roots all along its width, so it should be easy to transplant.
I am starting to rebuild my herb collection, so if you still have any of your Oregano or lemon thyme, or any other perennial herb, I would be interested. I am also bringing you a couple of Celandine poppies

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karen__w(z7 Durham, NC)

Ralph, I'm definitely interested in two of the pineapple guava. I've got your Salvia reptans and will send a Henry Duelberg as well, unless you've already got it. The hummer always goes there first.

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Tammy Kennedy

Ralph, thanks so much! I'm sure i can rustle up some lemon thyme if it's still doing good (wet summers are tough on thyme). I know i have some creeping/low caraway thyme, but it's not usually used culinarily (i think it could be, though). I can definitely share oregano. I have kent's beauty and regular old culinary. Would you like some of both? I can bring cuttings of some herbs that i can't divide, like rosemary, santolina and others. I *think* i may have a couple horehound rooted- they didn't look great last i looked, but they may have perked up. I may be able to dig a piece of it if they didn't take. How about catmint? I have a couple different kinds of it. Oh, i have some regular mints, too- do you need any of those? I've got mountain, pepper, and banana. I can dig some clary sage and/or agastache. If i think of anything else, i'll let you know. The pink & white sweet pot would be welcome- he's using it in the plot as a filler/edge and can use a bit more.

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Have: Mahonia seedlings, Scott's spleenwort fern (very small, around 4" at maturity), Arum italicum, and River oats (Chasmanthium latifolium). I'm looking for toad lilies,climbing hydrangea, and Bletilla.

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Oh, and I'm in need of thyme if anyone has some.

Hi Judy,I'd love some of your white phlox. I have the vinca and hellebores already, but thank you. Money plant sounds interesting! The eyeball plant is an annual. I think I may still have some seed. If so, I'll bring it. I raised some hardy cyclamen from seed two years ago. I have a small colony now, and I'd be happy to share a couple of bulbs. They like a little bit on the dry side of moderate water, and I've had them in dappled shade.

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Brenda, I would love some cyclamen. Would you like a lemon thyme for it? Or something else?

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OK so I will be bringing
8 or 9 Musa Margarita
Colocasia Tea Cup
Colocasia Maui Magic
2 Hibiscus coccineus 'Swamp Angel' 1'st year plants
1 large Siam Ruby hybrid (looks more like Rojo)
could bring in the following; Curacuma Scarelt Fever
Varigated Heliconia any # of additional Musa and Colocasia
just ask

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karen__w(z7 Durham, NC)

Topher, do you have Colocasia 'Diamond Head' yet? If not and you're interested in trading for your 'Maui Magic', I'll look and see if I can make a division.

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Hi Brenda, I'll bring you the white phlox and the varigated money plant seedling (they're potted up). I would love a bulb or two of your hardy cyclamen. Is there anything else your interested in - Horse tail, hostas that I can bring you?

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Tammy Kennedy

Karen is there anything i could interest you in, in exchange for that luscious little blue sage i've tried a couple times now (during the drought- not such a good idea). Don't recall the latin on it, but i think you'll know what i'm referring to. I'd like to give it a 3rd chance before i give up for good because it's so cute. I know i could get it at bb, but i also know your patch is hardy, when it's not supposed to be. If you don't have it anymore, or not enough, no worries. Just thought i'd ask, and say i'm glad you're coming. I love poring through your mini plants- they are buried treasure! :)

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karen__w(z7 Durham, NC)

Tammy, I'm afraid I dug into that patch too much last time I swapped it and there's hardly anything left. Teach me to dig too early in the season. Turns out I won't be able to come on Sat, though I'm hoping Brenda will still let me drop a few things by her house for any trades I set up here, and anything I have to contribute to the general swap. (Indian Hawthorn anybody?) Right now I'm trying to get the greenhouse set up -- hopefully that will allow me to do more propagating of the good stuff for future swaps.

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Tammy Kennedy

Ok, no problem, karen. I hope it recovers for you! Sorry we won't see you again. Make sure you come to the spring swap! :) More goodies are always good.

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No I do not and Sure I would like Daimond Head

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Well, bad news. My 2'X2' patch of cyclamen blossoms, with now unfurling leaves, was beneathe just 2 massive bulbs. Hopefully, I didn't kill it with the investigation. Separated them, so maybe a good thing. What else are you looking for instead, Judy? I have some special things like a pot of unfurling Aurum instead? Or Impatiens omeiense or Viola 'Dancing Geisha'? Or a hepatica or brunnera?

Does anyone have some of the zombie Impatiens I brought a while back? Mine died, so I'd be grateful for a start.

Anyone new to the swap! These posts are prearranged 'special swaps', but the bulk of the plants are just brought and swapped with no plans. On John's signal, we all just grab one plant per family. Then we do it again until the plants are gone. Then we eat.

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Sorry, Aurum meant Arum italicum.

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Brenda, Sorry to hear about the cyclamen. I do hope it recovers for you. I would love the Viola Dancing Geisha. -You have some really cool plants! I'm bringing you white phlox and varigated money plant seedlings. Is there anything else that you want? I have horse tail, strawberry begonia, lemon balm, & tropicanna canna. Is any of that of interest to you? Judy

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I'm bringing a new trader, so don't scare her off, or we won't be able to pawn off all our stuff on her. She's interested in natives.

So correct if I'm jetlagged and wrong:
John - Lucifer, blackberry lily
Ralph - peanut butter tree
Karen - Tiarella, rehmannia
Judy - Geisha, Rehmannia, Maraschino, eyeball plant seed
Tammy - Rehmannia
Dtpforu - lucifer

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Brenda, I could do with some Impatiens omeiense. I tried it once before, but now I have a better place for it, so maybe it won't die on me this time. I'm assuming you would like the lemon thyme, correct?

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karen__w(z7 Durham, NC)

I'm sending the following:
Topher: Colocasia Diamond Head
Ralph: Salvia reptans 'West Texas Form', Salvia 'Henry Duelberg', Salvia 'Christine Yeo'
Brenda: Salvia 'Henry Duelberg', Salvia 'Christine Yeo', and Podocarpus macrophylla 'Maki'

I've also got a couple of pots of Tinantia pringleii for the general swapping table.

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Ralph Whisnant(z7b-8 NC)

Brenda, I still have an Impatien zombiensis that I can bring you. I already have the Clerodendrum, I just had never heard it called a Peanut Butter Tree.

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