Found a dozen giant swallowtail eggs today

fighting8r(10 Fort Myers Florida)September 30, 2011

without really looking. Actually mama laid a couple right in front of my face while I was picking some others. They're baaaaack!

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Congrats, congrats!
I raised about 40 giant swallowtails earlier this year, but the adults left, and I haven't seen any in months.
Send some my way, okay? :)

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Fighting8, do you happen to have any tomatoes, peppers, or other plants, where you may catch a few tobacco hornworms yet?

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Way cool! I recently came across GST eggs myself as well as some larvae. A bit late in the season but the first I found this year...I was thrilled to find them when I wasn't even searching! Now the three larvae have begun to pupate and the eggs have all hatched. What a great feeling.

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mary_littlerockar(8a-7b mid Arkansas)

Yikes, what happens to the GST butterflies who eclose in late October in my zone 7b? I brought in a just hatched baby GST two days ago. I've not found any more but this baby and another four days old, will not be ready to be released until early November. Will they fly south seeking a warmer climate? It seems so late here for them. I have 8 GST chrysalides that should eclose abt 3rd week of Oct. I even worry about those little guys. This is my first year hand rearing the GST.


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fighting8r(10 Fort Myers Florida)

Mary: sometimes they do not even eclose in October here in South Florida, so I'm thinking they should not eclose till spring for you? They are very unpredictable though in my experience, as to when they choose to eclose.

Tomatoworm: No I have none of those plants. Although I keep telling myself its time to try and start some tomatoes.

MissSherry: I'll tell 'em to head your way. Seems to be pretty typical for us (I guess this is the third year we've raised them) to not see much of them in the dead of summer then they show up with the fall. I even noticed one a couple of weeks ago and remarked to a neighbor that maybe that was a sign of fall. We've had some glorious days this week too! Still well into the 80s but low to mid 60s at night which is cold for us!

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Lucky you! The last of mine just pupated, so I imagine that I'll have these guys and guys staying the winter nestled in their pupas. I'll put them over in our tool building where it will be nice and cold for them. I love when they come out the next spring. I'm glad now that I brought them in to raise. I wasn't going to because of having trouble with them in the past but this year they did fine. I have 26 altogether. Good luck with yours. I really like that kind of butterfly. Of course, there's none that I hate. :)

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fighting8r(10 Fort Myers Florida)

Cathy I'm glad you are having success. They are wonderful arent they? We just had the first one eclose the other day that was the first in some time and reminded me how much I love them.

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mary_littlerockar(8a-7b mid Arkansas)

Oh my, I didn't realize they might overwinter but that makes sense, otherwise, where do the ones in early spring come from. :-) Should I put their rearing cage outside now so they can recognize by the changing temps that they should wait? I'm rearing them in the house. I also have the two tiny ones that are still feeding.


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fighting8r, Yes, the Giant Swallowtails definitely are wonderful and so enjoyable to raise. Congratulations on your first eclosure in awhile!

Mary, Some might come out this year yet, but I suspect that most of mine will overwinter. I honestly don't know if it would matter or not if you keep them inside or outside, but I keep mine outside from about this time of the year until they come out next year for the reason that you mentioned, so they sense the changing temps and don't come out too early when they shouldn't. Maybe they'd be okay this year yet, but I'd really rather that they wait until next year to eclose if possible. I'd probably raise those two tiny ones inside though until they pupate and then also put them outside. If they're inside in the warm, I think that speeds their growing process...unless you really want them to join you for Christmas. ;-)

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I had my first GST this year - they are gorgeous! I tried to take a photo, but he was so ready to get OUT of the enclosure that I was only able to get a shot of the top side. I have 3 more chrysalids - not sure if they will eclose soon or wait until spring.

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