Screwed By 7servant7

byrd4460(9 LAKELAND FL)August 23, 2009

Well, Take a Look At The Picture 7servant7 Is Displaying To Be

Ember Glow. Yes Stupid Me Ordered And It Is Now In Bloom AND

Does Not Look Anything Like His Picture. The First Picture Is 7servant7

Picture. The Second Picture Is What Is Actually Blooming As Ember Glow.

This Is What I Ordered Looks Like. There Is No Telling

What I Have Got.

Chocolate Brug

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rosepedal(Four seasons zone4/5)

I am sorry Choc! Yes he is known as to not to buy from... Did you try to email him the pic... It probably wont help though.... What about Ebay? She is a pretty angel though...Nice tendrils on her... I know it is not the same as the one you really wanted..Hugs Barb

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Sorry to hear that. You aren't the first. He's been doing this for quite a while. By the time your plants bloom and they aren't what they're supposed to be it's too late.

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It's NOT what you ordered, CB...but it's still so pretty.
So dissappointing, though.

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Gee Byrd, that's a good warning, thank you from all of us. The Ember Glow is a striking color, but I really like what you have, too. Just a whole gentler, softer feel.

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haase(10 CA)

I still love your plant. Think of it as a "rescued" plant. It will bloom beautifully for you.

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He got me too when I first started collecting brugs. Wish I'd been a member of this forum before I started buying them. Just don't throw it across the tracks, as it's not the brug's fault it was mislabled! ;-)

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bri_fl(9 FL Lakeland)

Duh! Remember when I posted abt the cutting s I bought, they were from 7 servant. I will say from my experience, they were smaller and not sent priority mail, but they did all root,whatever they are! Now I'm worried!POOP.

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marquest(z5 PA)

Although it is not what you ordered it is pretty.

I thought 7 was a woman. She was on a message board I use to post at and she took a couple of people in trade and never came back to the board. Maybe it is a family of scamers like Ty TY?

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givelittle_getlots(Zone 8 TX)

Chocolate Brug so sorry...but now you have a beautiful NOID and it likes you!!!


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I'm pretty sure it's a man and what really drives me nuts is they interject Christ and God into all their correspondence and then they go and knowingly screw you. What he does is wrong enough but the religious talk it makes it all the worse. It's sacrilegious.

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givelittle_getlots(Zone 8 TX)

now THAT IS SO WRONG!!! Thanks to everyone here I have never even gone and looked at his offers.

There are just so many that get taken by what we believe are honest people.

It is hard enough to believe in God and NOT to make others feel like you are pushing your believes on them. But to USE God to trick people is just WRONG.


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rosepedal(Four seasons zone4/5)

Is he from Louisanna????????

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haase(10 CA)

That happens all over the place! I know a woman who preaches righteousness and honesty, and then she cheats at our Canasta games. When the cards get shuffled, she makes the jokers disappear, saving them for herself by sticking them in her crotch or sitting on them. Of course she wins all the time because she has all the good cards. Nobody wants to play with her any more and noboday wants to say something to her!
Next time I see her do that, I WILL SAY: "Hey, what are you doing!!!!"
Don't you just hate cheaters and liars.......

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luvmy3afhounds(7a, OK) disappointing. You have so many beautiful brugs and were probably thrilled to find Ember Glow to add to your collection. Sorry you got hoodwinked...that is such a shame. All the best to you!

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He sent me nice plants at first and then I started getting smaller and smaller ones then when I saw the wild pics he was putting on ebay with blue tint added I stopped buying from him. It looks peach spotted to me so give it a couple more bloom cycles before you kill it, lol. It might end up being more orange. Now speaking of spotted. My Day Dreams bloomed finally and it was a single and looked like it had chicken pox. Need to go back and see where I got it from.

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sultry_jasmine_nights (Florida 9a)

Every plant I've bought from him have turned out to be the wrong thing. One was a replacement for another one that got smashed in the mail but it was also the wrong thing lol. BBW = Buyer BeWare

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i ordered a plant in February. 7servant7 said it was dormant and would ship in the spring. i never received the plant-sent several emails without a response from 7servant7. how do they allow
him/her to sell on ebay with all these complaints and outright theft?

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The use of "God. Jesus, or Christ" in advertising should be a red flag to avoid dealing with that seller. He or she generally has something to hide behind a facade of religion.

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If people don't contact eBay and complain nothing will be done about him/her.

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msmorningsong(SW FL 10A)

"Chickenpox" appearance on a bloom is probably only odema, which is the stem taking in too much water, which appears as bumps on the flower. No big deal, it goes away next bloom cycle if plant is not overly watered. It is no sign of disease.

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xeriscape8321(Z10 FL Ft. Laud)

7servant7 has had many neg complaints from brug buyers for many years now...stealing pics, showing the wrong pics, and selling frosty pink as anything he wants....this guy is a red flag and has been for years. Unfortunately buyers of cuttings have to wait a long time for blooms before they realize that what they received is not even close to what they ordered
his name is William Neudahl....a crook and scam artist

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Oh I thought when I glanced at this that Chocolate Brug was posting on Garden Web again

Miss seeing his work

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Bummer - sorry to hear that.

But, your NOID is still lovely!

Know what is funny? I still have my NOID "Breezy/Christine" from a member here, and she's still going strong. 7/8 years old now? In a pot. She's a trooper that keeps on blooming in the heat.

Be nice to your NOID - she may turn out to be the most beautiful specimen you own. (grin) Mine is, and she is cherished. She's a show stopper - she gets cars to slow down and look at her when she's in full flush.

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I know this is an old thread but Willy is on garden web and had been for a long time.

His screen name is godsgarden. He runs a couple of seed swaps yearly and screws everyone I finally have had enough and posted about it on his new seed swap thread. I was happy to see others follow suit...Willy is done!

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Rosie1949(4a to 5b/SE Mi)

Wow, I am sorry for all of the people who were taken in by this person. Is this person on this site? Or did you get your brugs from him/her on EBAY? If it is EBAY you can complain to higher ups. Maybe if enough people complain they will ban that person. Just wondering.

Anyway,,,,,,I have some brugs that I got from a very reputable lady in my Yahoo Group called Brugmansia. The group is a little slow as far as activity but there are some nice people there. The lady's name is Pat and every fall she offers a box of assorted cuttings for postage.

I received beautiful cuts from her, they are named varieties that I am familiar with and I have not heard any complaints yet about them being misrepresented.

I let them root in water over the winter and planted them in the spring. Living in Michigan, I took them out of their pots in the fall, shook the dirt off, washed the roots and put all of them in a 5 gallon bucket with just enough water to cover their roots. And at this time I will trim them back and just put the cuts in the bucket with the parents. (Yes I labeled them!) Then they go in my basement under the steps. All I do is make sure the water level stays where it needs to be. This is how I have to store them. And it works well.

I don't know how others store their brugs, but in order to have them, this is how I have to do it to keep them going.

I know this post is long, but when I find a good, honest source I try to pass it on.

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mnwsgal 4 MN(4)

Rosie, have you stored your large brugs in water other years? Do you keep them in a lighted room or in a cool dark room like I do with dormant plants?

The cuttings I grow in water are kept in a cool basement room near an east window. They don't get any supplemental light.

I would like to try your technique myself as it is getting very difficult for me to carry potted ones up and down my basement stairs. I have over wintered cuttings in water for many years and hadn't thought about doing the same with the dug up rooted brugs.

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