Anybody in Cal. ever grown Selaginella?

stanofhJuly 1, 2013

I've killed them every,gold,dwarf,giant. Not one has survived. And yet they are native to cold here is no problem. They look so great at Lowes- blue color and all.
Anybody do well with them?

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HAVE TO HAVE QUALITY WATER. Distilled or Reverse Osmosis water, a well draining substrate, should not stay soggy, high humidity, and kept in shade with only an hour or so of exposure to sunlight.

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Water quality is top notch. Hetch Hechy from Yosemite. After that,its clay soils and moderate summer humidity. Low by east coast standards. High enough to not bother tree ferns and all manner of ferns like Playcerium superbum and bifurcatum. Even a Huperzia squarrosa. But,I grant you..Selaginella might want dripping wet humidity.
I tried over the years..they started dying the moment they left the store or nursery. I was just wondering if somebody in Cali had a good looking planting..maybe a hanging basket or in ground?.

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bahia(SF Bay Area)

I and others here in the SF Bay Area find various forms of Selaginella kraussiana quite easy to grow in bright shade. It does particularly well for me as a container plant underplanting to taller plants.

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You have any photo's?..give me an idea of what light you have? I might go back to Lowes..

And if Carlos is also reading this..would it do better in moss mounted on a tree? There is almost nothing about the plants sold in habitat. Rocks ,trees or in ground?

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bahia(SF Bay Area)

They don't need sopping wet conditions, but shouldn't go dry either. I don't find Selaginella krussiana difficult to grow, limes similar condtions to Baby Tears. In my garden, I've got it planted in a pot with Babaco that gets a little direct morning sun, but it's also done well in north facing courtyard plantings that only get direct sun in summer late in the day. It prefers well drained yet moisture retentive soils that don't get too dry. My container plants get some water every other day in warm weather.

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Thanks David. I did go back-lol, I couldn't resist one in particular that was blue tinged. I might divide in half..half in ground,half in a pot. Hedge my bet.

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